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Senshi Reunion, with Keiko!!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

After their PGSM days, the five Senshi actresses have always kept their bonds with each other, even to this day. And a number of Senshi reunions have been continuously held over the years; Not to mention their keeping in touch over the net. However, due to the ascending of Kitagawa Keiko (Hino Rei / Sailor Mars in PGSM) toward A-list artist status, and her resultant heavy workloads, she has been missing in the Senshi reunions for more than half year. So her presence in the one held the night before yesterday is miraculous – Especially as it was organized within a short notice. I think the five busy girls have constantly cross-matched their schedules to squeeze out some precious time slots to meet; Hence their often hurriedly planned meetings.

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“Hana no Ato” Movie Premiere

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Yesterday, actress Kitagawa Keiko made an appearance at the premiere event of her new movie Hana no Ato, wearing a gorgeous Spring themed kimono painted with sakura. Prior to filming, she underwent six months of physical training for the fighting scenes in the movie. When she saw the incredible amount of people that showed up to express their support, Keiko was extremely touched and her eyes became misty with tears. Afterwards, previously rumored boyfriend (Shuntaro Miyao) and other cast mates presented her with a sakura-shaped cake. Keiko was so happy, her smile was beaming from ear to ear.

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Kitagawa Keiko as “Valentine Queen”

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Actress Kitagawa Keiko and model Masuwaka Tsubasa attended the “ORICON Valentine Festa.” Both girls received the Valentine Queen Award. A survey was conducted by ORICON STYLE on 300 high school girls and Keiko was chosen as their “Most Admired Drama Heroine” and “Most Interesting Performing Female Celebrity.” Keiko disclosed:

“I attended a girls’ school for junior high and high school. Making homemade chocolates was not one of my strong points. Instead, I often received really cute chocolates made by other girls.”
Kitagawa Keiko on February 2, 2010

Watch JiJi-Pana’s press video of the ORICON Valentine Festa.
Sources: Jiji Press | Yahoo Japan News | Kitagawa Keiko’s Writings

Mika Ninagawa has attitude…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

…and apparently so does Keiko Kitagawa (22). I’m SUCH a Mika Ninagawa fangirl. She’s one of my favorite Asian photographers, next to Leslie Kee—both of whom I really wanted to photograph Keiko. So when Keiko blogged about the amazing, talented, photographic color genius, Ninagawa— I nearly died! Drawing inspiration from the 60s pop art movement with bold colors and big hair, Ninagawa transformed her into quite the character. I’m impressed; almost didn’t recognize her! O_O

While it’s definitely not the style for everyone (and Ninagawa is never concerned about that) as a fan of graphic design, pop art, and (almost) all things photographically over the top this photo shoot turned out really well. I sincerely hope they collaborate in the future; we could eventually be looking at a full fledge photo book!