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Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Lunatic Soldier Eien no Chikai

One of my most prized Sailor Moon possessions is my copy of Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai. The book was published by the animators who worked on Sailor Moon, under the name Hyper Graphicers. Therefore, it is considered to be a doujinshi, which means self-publication. Similar to the book Selenity’s The Act of Animations, this volume displays animation sketches from the anime. What makes Lunatic Soldier special is that it places heavy emphasis on Episode 200, the series finale.

( Learn more about ‘Lunatic Soldier’ in here. )

My Sailor Moon Doujinshi Collection

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

My Sailor Moon Doujinshi Collection

Hello hello! I decided to put together a list of all the Sailor Moon doujinshi I own onto the site. This is to help those, who are looking for specific doujinshi titles, but can’t find it. In which case, they can request for scans. I am doing this because specific doujinshi titles are extremely hard to find. And if I have something that I can get online for someone, then well… That’s great! This would also make it simpler for me to keep track of what I already have, thereby making it easier to buy and trade. ^_^

I am currently looking for doujinshi by Tsuki Kioku, Pale Lilac, Fragrant Olive, Hino-Tama, Studio Canopus, Dolce, Replicant, LEGO!, Mad Tea Party, and Hikami Rui. So if you have something I do not have, and don’t mind selling to me, please contact me at If I have the funds available to me, and the price is reasonable, I will definitely buy it from you! Thank you!
(This list will be updated regularly.)

( View Sailor Moon Doujinshi List: Last Updated April 26, 2020 )

Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Book

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1Happy New Year everyone! Starting this year off with scans of Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1 book. The periodical is full of iconic pictures from the Sailor Moon series, and even have a few images that aren’t commonly seen on the internet. It covers the end of Sailor Moon Season One and the first arc of Sailor Moon Season Two, which introduces the character of Ali, En, and the mysterious Tsuki-Kage no Knight. It briefly introduces the Black Moon Clan, before the book ends. After this volume, I have one more Kodansha Magazine Deluxe to scan!

Moonlight Legend by Studio Canopus"Moonlight Legend" by Studio Canopus

I also scanned in a rather rare doujinshi by the popular circle, Studio Canopus. Its called "Moonlight Legend" and is actually about Sailor Moon Musical, rather than Haruka & Michiru; which is what Studio Canopus is famous for. "Moonlight Legend" is an anthology, but I only scanned in the few short plots that was done by Yamada Mario. Content left unscanned were written scripts by other artists. Anyhow, enjoy the update everyone!

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1:
[ Download | View in Gallery ]

“Water Garden 2″ by Mad Tea Party

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Water Garden II Doujinshi by Mad Tea PartyJust updated the website with a long but extremely beautiful doujinshi titled "Water Garden II" by the doujinshi group, Mad Tea Party. To be honest, I’m surprised that doujinshi from Mad Tea Party aren’t more popular outside of Japan. Mad Tea Party is very popular among Sailor Moon doujinshi fans in Japan. They specialize in Haruka & Michiru type doujinshi and present extremely beautiful artwork. They are definitely among the "Top Ten" Sailor Moon doujinshi groups out there. I hope more people become interested in Mad Tea Party! I’ve only seen maybe a handful of English-speaking doujinshi collectors online that are into them. Their gorgeous art work really deserve a place in your collection.

Here it is for download since the doujinshi has so many files:
"Water Garden II" Doujinshi: [ View in Gallery || Download ]

Sailor Moon Doujinshi by Bebop//Dog//Duo

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

20th Anniversary Clearfile by Bebop//Dog//DuoNo secret that I am an avid collector of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon doujinshi. There are various super talented artists out there, who create wonderful Sailor Moon artwork. Some of my favorite doujinshi artists are Studio Canopus, Hello World, Mad Tea Party, Hino Ryutaro, etc. I am now adding the group Bebop//Dog//Duo to my list of favorites, because they are simply amazing.

"Choko★Choko" by Bebop//Dog//Duo

Bebop//Dog//Duo came onto the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon scene in March 2011 with the doujinshi Choko★Choko. The doujinshi included short funny stories about the Amazon Trio, Haruka & Michiru, Sailor Lead Crow & Sailor Aluminum Siren, Sailor Starlights, and Seiya & Usagi. Choko Choko Doujinshi by Bebop//Dog//DuoBebop//Dog//Duo’s beautiful artwork immediately made them popular within the international doujinshi community, and they have gone onto successfully releasing other wonderful Sailor Moon doujinshi titles and products.

I look forward to adding more work by this wonderful doujinshi group in the near future! They have a new one called "Treasure GET!!" out, and even participated in some Three Lights doujinshi anthologies titled, "Stage On!!" Hope you guys become fans of Bebop//Dog//Duo too.

Visit Bebop//Dog//Duo’s Official Site: [ HERE ]