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Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Infinity Artbook

Yep, it happened: A Volume Infinity artbook was torn apart for scans. I know that bit of information probably broke someone’s heart, considering that Volume Infinity generally costs (at the very least) a few hundred dollars on Ebay. But in our defense, our copy of Volume Infinity came to us damaged and the pages were falling out. So what better way to do it, than to scan it in and preserve the files…?

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Popular Image Artist Identified

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Hello! I wanted to point out something interesting that I noticed. I scanned in this image of Michiru and Haruka from two separate shitajiki (pencil boards). The obvious thing is that the picture was a whole piece, but was separated into two, for two separate shitajiki. So what I did was photoshop the two images together, to obtain the original whole picture. After doing so, I noticed that there was some scribbling at the base of the image.

It was signed, “Hiroyuki Sato – ’94/11/09.” I thought that was really interesting. This whole picture had always been one of my favorite artworks from Sailor Moon. So finding out the name of the actual artist behind it, is kinda cool. The point is, if you have any Sailor Moon images, you should inspect it a little closer. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something new from it.