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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Boo Boo says 'Victory!'Hello again everyone! It has been a REALLY long time. I never thought this day would come, but it finally has! I present you with Version 11. It took a whole year to make! There are some obvious spots that still needs work, but it is complete enough now to launch.

Version 11 does not look like my typical design or site style, so please bear with me. I feel that the site caters to a whole new generation of visitors, mainly focusing on blogs and interaction. Therefore, I decided to abandon the “fan site” look, and went to work on a modern layout. I finally settled for this very simple and contemporary design. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

I’ll be starting my last two years of design school soon and will get increasingly busier. Which is why its cool that I have bloggers now. Whenever I’m not here, they will be here for you. My bloggers are much smarter, much nicer, and (if it counts) much prettier than I am! You’ll love ‘em!
More chit chat in here. =)

The Two “Sisters”

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The two “sisters” (Izumi Rika and Azama Mew – they regard each other like sisters) met again! (The same photo is posted on the two girls’ blogs today.)

They have also found that Rika’s mom’s birthday is on the same day as Mew’s dad’s (they both used that as their blog entry titles). ^___^

Source: Rika Letter || Mew Myu

Matsushita Moeco is 26.

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’s former Kusaka Hina turned 26 years old yesterday. Matsushita Moeco blogged some photos that were taken on her birthday to commemorate turning 26.

These are the photos of a 26 year old. This time, I had Mr. Tetsuro Honda of the music band Utaihito Hane take my picture. Traditionally once a year, these photos are taken. Has Te-chan been my friend for five years already…? This time around, I was wondering who I wanted to take the picture. Then with no particularly reason, I thought Te-chan would take my photo!
Matsushita Moeco on January 23, 2010

( More images behind the cut. )

Izumi Rika Hosted a TV Show This Week

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

After more than five years since PGSM, Izumi Rika (formerly known as Hama Chisaki) appeared on a TV show again this week! It is a primetime mini sports show aired on TV Asahi from Monday to Friday this week, and she taught yoga in it. ^_^

The introduction clip ripped from Easy Sports’ Official Site:

Watch video here. | Download here.

A footage of the show (courtesy of  Valentino for his permission to direct-link it from his own server): Download here. A footage of her last installment of the show (courtesy of Valentino): Download here.

This is originally meant to be the caps of Azama Mew’s morning program today, with the caps of Rika’s show placed at the bottom as a secondary thing only, but what the poster commented makes Rika’s the centerpiece of his post: Image here. I don’t feel like translating it here. ^_^;

That’s all for now – I’ll keep you posted on anything new about Izumi Rika. =)