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Sailor Moon S Brazilian DVD Promo Cards

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Sailor Moon S Brazilian DVD Promo CardsRecently while browsing the Sailor Moon Forum, I discovered that I own an extremely rare set of Sailor Moon S cards. Here is the story behind these cards:

Sailor Moon Brazilian DVD Promo Cards

In January 2012, a nice young lady made a post in SeraSell, to announce that she was selling sets of Sailor Moon S Brazilian DVD promo cards. She had between ten to twenty sets of these cards (10 cards per set for $30 USD each), and sold out almost immediately because they are GORGEOUS. These cards were only given to those who pre-ordered the Brazilian DVDs for Sailor Moon S. Because the nice young lady helped organize the release party for the DVDs in Brazil, the company gave her those cards as a friendly ‘thank you.’

Once the cards were sold and shipped out, photographs of them were quickly uploaded to the internet. Unfortunately, these cards are extremely rare and have become hard to find. Price value for the cards quickly hiked and bootleg versions have also found their way onto Ebay. From what I’ve seen, the only sighting of these cards are in the hands of those who purchased them on SeraSell. So if you spot any legit copy of these cards, you should buy them. They’re a trophy find for Sailor Moon collectors.

Kodansha Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe BookSailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Book

I scanned in Volume 2 of Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe book. This book covers the second half of the Sailor Moon R season, involving the Black Moon Clan. It introduces the character of Sailor Pluto, Demande, Esmeraude, Saphir, and the Ayakashi Sisters. It also previews the Sailor Moon R movie storyline and has information regarding Fiore’s character. As usual, there are lots of big lovely pictures and iconic images from the Sailor Moon series in the book.

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Book Volume 2:
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