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“Water Garden 2″ by Mad Tea Party

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Water Garden II Doujinshi by Mad Tea PartyJust updated the website with a long but extremely beautiful doujinshi titled "Water Garden II" by the doujinshi group, Mad Tea Party. To be honest, I’m surprised that doujinshi from Mad Tea Party aren’t more popular outside of Japan. Mad Tea Party is very popular among Sailor Moon doujinshi fans in Japan. They specialize in Haruka & Michiru type doujinshi and present extremely beautiful artwork. They are definitely among the "Top Ten" Sailor Moon doujinshi groups out there. I hope more people become interested in Mad Tea Party! I’ve only seen maybe a handful of English-speaking doujinshi collectors online that are into them. Their gorgeous art work really deserve a place in your collection.

Here it is for download since the doujinshi has so many files:
"Water Garden II" Doujinshi: [ View in Gallery || Download ]