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Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe Book

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Sailor Moon TV Magazine DeluxeHello hello! I finally scanned in the Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe book for Season One of the anime, published by Kodansha. Which means that all Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe anime books have now been scanned in and are available in the Gallery.

I really enjoyed scanning in this book because there are many more pictures of Tuxedo Kamen and Osaka Naru. It reminded me that these two characters had more important roles in Season One, than in later seasons. Also, Tuxedo Kamen looked the dreamiest in here and there are many images of the mysterious Shitennou too.

Here are the download links for all the Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe anime books. Some of the books are hosted on MEGA and can only be downloaded using the GOOGLE CHROME browser, without having to install MEGA’s extention. If you use other browsers (like Firefox), than you may have to install MEGA’s extention, which doesn’t really do anything to your browser. I say this because MEGA downloads are really fast, and I may use them more often in the future. Anyhow, enjoy!

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe Books

  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe (Season One)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe (Volume 1)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe (Volume 2)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon S TV Magazine DeluxeDownload
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon SuperS TV Magazine DeluxeDownload
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon Sailor Stars TV Magazine DeluxeDownload

Rare Sailor Moon Promotional Posters

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Promo PosterAAHHH!! I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself! Yesterday, the Sailor Stars poster that I spent YEARS searching for, finally arrived at my home. This poster is by far one of the rarest collectors’ item from the Sailor Moon world and can cost someone HUNDREDS of dollars to obtain by auction (see here and here).

Many of you would recognize the image on this poster from a bootleg Sailor Moon wall scroll that was mass manufactured by a Chinese factory 15 years ago. The image also made another appearance on a small bootleg halogram card. Neither of which was scannable and was also printed with inaccurate coloring.

Sailor Moon S Promo PosterVery few people knew that the actual origin of this striking image, was taken from a promotional poster for the 5th Season of Sailor Moon. Promo posters such as this one, was produced in extremely limited numbers and were put on display in book stores, super markets, toy stores, and video stores. However, once the short promotional period was over, the poster would get taken down by the store employees and discarded.

Promotional posters for other seasons of Sailor Moon (like this one on your right, for Sailor Moon S) usually show up on Yahoo Japan several times a year. But for some reason, the promo poster for Sailor Stars is so rare, that it made only three appearances on auction in the last 2½ years.

My Sailor Stars poster arrived to me in poor condition: wrinkled, brittle, scratched, and with colors scraped off. But I was so happy to get it, I carefully scanned the poster in and spent over 16 hours photoshopping out the damage. So please enjoy the image! It took many years and lots of money to get this scan to you. And thank you to the lovely members of SMC who helped me hunt this poster down! I love you guys! <3

Sailor Moon Manga Artbook Vol. 4

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Sailor Moon Manga Artbook Vol. 4Good day everyone! I finally made myself sit down and scan in Sailor Moon Manga Artbook Volume 4 by the great and wonderful Takeuchi Naoko. This book covers the arc of Sailor Moon SuperS and contains some of Takeuchi Naoko’s best illustrations. It features art work of the characters: Helios / Pegasus, Amazoness Quartet, Tuxedo Kamen, and the Sailor Senshi. This time, I spent extra hours editing the scans, to connect artwork that was spread across two pages. I thought the results looked pretty good too. (Tried my best with the clone tool in Photoshop.)

Manga Artbook Volume 4: [ View in Gallery || Download ]

Sailor Moon 2002 CalendarSailor Moon 2001.11—2002 Calendar

Also scanned in, is the Sailor Moon 2001.11—2002 Calendar. This item should’ve been scanned in sooner, because the dates in the year 2002 actually coordinates with 2013. So you can actually print out the pages and use it as this year’s calendar. Most of the images in this version, was featured in the 1998 Sailor Moon (poster sized) wall calendar, as well. Enjoy the scans everyone!