Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Book

Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1Happy New Year everyone! Starting this year off with scans of Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1 book. The periodical is full of iconic pictures from the Sailor Moon series, and even have a few images that aren’t commonly seen on the internet. It covers the end of Sailor Moon Season One and the first arc of Sailor Moon Season Two, which introduces the character of Ali, En, and the mysterious Tsuki-Kage no Knight. It briefly introduces the Black Moon Clan, before the book ends. After this volume, I have one more Kodansha Magazine Deluxe to scan!

Moonlight Legend by Studio Canopus"Moonlight Legend" by Studio Canopus

I also scanned in a rather rare doujinshi by the popular circle, Studio Canopus. Its called "Moonlight Legend" and is actually about Sailor Moon Musical, rather than Haruka & Michiru; which is what Studio Canopus is famous for. "Moonlight Legend" is an anthology, but I only scanned in the few short plots that was done by Yamada Mario. Content left unscanned were written scripts by other artists. Anyhow, enjoy the update everyone!

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe Volume 1:
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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Happy New Year, Lisa! And my best wishes for your work & life in this year! ^^

    The cover of that doujinshi is gorgeous, as can be expected from that circle – wish it were colored, tho.

    Also wish there were more doujinshi on the musicals – always like the Senshi costumes in the musicals as depicted in manga or garage kits, as they look so beautiful & elegant in those forms, even tho they look baggy in the musicals themselves. lol

  2. Lisa says:

    ^_^ Happy New Year RC!! I hope you get everything you hope for this year too!

    I love that cover as well. The SeraMyu costumes are so pretty. I think I have another SeraMyu doujinshi in my comic box somewhere. I’m not sure what circle its from though. I’ll scan that in for you sometime! Its quite pretty. =)

  3. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Thank you in advance! ^^

  4. Nafrat says:

    Oh, I see. I actually just meant Sailor Moon fan in gaeernl, but that’s cool to know. I got into Sailor Moon the same way myself, actually. I got into it by watching the anime as a little kid (and I too didn’t know it was an anime at the time) and I watched pretty much every episode and movie since I was such a big fan. Then, as I got older, I rediscovered the series and realized that what I had watched as a kid (well, the first two seasons anyway) were heavily censored so I got into the series again but watched all 5 seasons (including the 5th season that was never dubbed here) of the show in their original uncut Japanese format with English subtitles, and I loved it and enjoyed ti even more. As for the manga, I never got a good chance to read it myself either. I also was too young at the time it was released, so because of that I didn’t know about it so obviously I didn’t get it. And while I know about it now, I still don’t bother to buy the original English release here since not only are they hard-to-find and very expensive (due to being out-of-print and having to buy used copies from people), and because the original release just wasn’t that good honestly. The releases were flipped, the quality of the translation wasn’t that great (English names, lot of errors, ect.) and even the quality of the books weren’t that great either. (since the people I know who have them say the binding of their books have already fallen apart) So because of that I’ve never gotten a good chance to read it either. I’ve always wanted to, since I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about it (I see people online say it’s even better than the anime all the time) and since what I’ve read about it online it sounded great as well. (I found a fansite that noted some of the differences between the canons, and the manga just sounded awesome from what I read) The closest I’ve ever been able to get to reading them was a friend of mine who speaks Japanese and has some of the Japanese volumes let me come over and let me look through them and he would translate the pages for me as I read’ each page. And even then, I’ve only read the first two volumes (and the first chapter of the third volume) of the 2003 rereleases (ironically the very ones Kodansha is publishing XD) and all the volumes of Codename: Sailor V. I must say though from what I read’ I LOVED them and as long as Kodansha’s releases will be right-to-left and with a new translation I’ll most likely (about 95%) get every volume. ^___^ And if the releases end up using the Japanese names (honorifics would be nice too, but even if they aren’t used I’d still buy them) then that 95% will become 100%, lol. So I’m definitely looking forward to the releases and have a pretty good feeling I won’t be disappointed. And I am glad to hear that you are falling in love with them as you work on them! ^_^ I figured you would, haha. Seems anyone who gives the manga a chance (especially if you’re a fan of the anime) tends to fall in love with them. Now you got me curious though, you mean you guys are already working on the volumes? :3 If so, that’s cool. If you don’t mind me asking, how do companies usually go about working on volumes anyway? Do you guys just start doing all the volumes as soon as the title is announced or do you guys work a bit as you go along or what? Don’t worry, I most likely will. ^_^ I’m not as picky as some fans are so unless something really disappoints me with the release (which seems unlikely, at this point) then I can almost guarantee you that I will buy the volumes and everyone of them too. I definitely want all of these rereleases and the release of Codename: Sailor V as well. And I agree with you that with something like this happening it really would be a shame to not get them all, unless something really bad happens. And it really does! That’s part of what’s making me so happy and excited that they are going to do it! (Thank you! And I’m sure I will. Especially since I kind of have no choice. XD; ) Out of curiosity, do you know (or should I say can you say?’) when we might start getting to see the volume covers for the American rereleases? :3 I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions. ^^;

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