Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai

Lunatic Soldier Eien no Chikai

One of my most prized Sailor Moon possessions is my copy of Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai. The book was published by the animators who worked on Sailor Moon, under the name Hyper Graphicers. Therefore, it is considered to be a doujinshi, which means self-publication. Similar to the book Selenity’s The Act of Animations, this volume displays animation sketches from the anime. What makes Lunatic Soldier special is that it places heavy emphasis on Episode 200, the series finale.

The art work of Tamegai Katsumi, who is a fan favorite in the BSSM community, emcompasses most of the book. (I swear: Tamegai Katsumi animated all of my favorite Sailor Moon episodes.) Work from Tominaga Mari and Kitano Yoshihiro are also featured in the volume. Lunatic Soldier covers the Sailor Moon R arc through Sailor Stars.

Lunatic Soldier was published back in December 1998. These days, the book is considered a collector’s item and can cost you more than a pretty penny on any auction site.

Lastly, a while back, I scanned in the first half of Selenity’s The Act of Animations. I recently scanned in the second half of the book, so the entire periodical is now available on the site. Enjoy!

Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
Selenity’s The Act of Animations Part 1 – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
Selenity’s The Act of Animations Part 2 – [ Download | View in Gallery ]

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  1. yaaayy!! Downloading it now, can’t wait to view them ^^ I’m so excited because I LOVE Tamegai Katsumi’s art!! ^____ Thanks for sharing Lisa <3

  2. Lisa says:

    YAY!!! ^_^ Chibi! I’m glad you’re a Tamegai Katsumi fan too!! I love her work!! I’m glad she got to work on so many good episodes in Sailor Moon, because her art style is SO SO nice.

  3. Luke says:

    OMG! You scanned them both!! :D THANK YOU SOOO MUCH LISA! Amazing books, just amazing!! Thank you :3

    I noticed a few things – “Selenity’s Act of Animation” is actually titles “Selenity’s MOON – The Act of Animation”. I completely missed that “Moon” part on the cover (thinking it’s just a reference to Sailor Moon) but the last page says it clearly.
    Also, on the last page of “Lunatic Soldier” is says “SAILOR MOON Semi-data Library IV – Lunatic Soldier” and before that “something in japanese Vol.4″ – so I’m pretty sure that there are two more books (both published before “Selenity’s MOON” since there’s an “ad” for “Lunatic Soldier” in this book as if it was coming next).
    Maybe one of those mysterious books is セーラームーンRオープニング原画集 (Sailor Moon R Openingu Genga-shuu/Original Collection) already mentioned by Jim here but I honestly doubt it.

    Yay! We’ll never run out of epic Sailor Moon stuff to collect :D And now, with the new series coming this year… damn I’m gonna be broke :3

  4. Luke says:

    hahaha – yep, it says Vol.3 on the last page of “Selenity’s MOON” :D
    Also, I’m not sure why but the date on “Lunatic Soldier” seems to say that it was published in…2010? Nah, I must be getting something wrong.

    Sorry for double comments (“Double Comments all the waaaaaay”)

  5. Lisa says:

    Hiya Luke! ^_^
    You are right. It IS “Selenity’s Moon- The Act of Animations.” LOL They did a poor text hierarchy job on the cover. If it was published through an actual publishing house, an editor would tell them not to separate the title on the cover like that, in several places.

    As for it being volumes, from the Hyper Graphicer’s group, it is in this order:
    Volume 1 – Soldier N
    Volume 2 – Small Soldier
    Volume 3 – Selenity’s Moon
    Volume 4 – Lunatic Soldier

    Other animators and illustrators from Sailor Moon have also published other animation / art sketch books, but not from the Hyper Graphicers sets. So far, I counted 4 but I’m sure there must be more than that.

    - “Saraba” by Hasegawa Shinya
    - “Sailor Moon R Opening Genga Book”
    - “Final Sailor” (Sketches of Sailor Moon product illustrations) by Tadano Kazuko
    - “Senshi no Tsue” by (Product Illustrator of Sailor Moon) Fukano Youichi

    But yeah, all of this is why I like collecting doujinshi so much. You never know what you may run into. I know Takeuchi Naoko released several Sailor Moon related doujinshi already. So did her Sailor Moon manga assistants, who released doujinshi under the circles “Pale Lilac” and “Easy.” There are a lot of doujinshi from Sailor Moon employees. =)

    And lastly, it means Heisei era year 10. Which is 1998, because the Heisei era began in 1989.

  6. Luke says:

    Wow Lisa. Hands down, you’re an epic Moonie :3 I had no idea there are so many to find… That. Is. Amazing :D

  7. Lisa says:

    ^_^ HAHAHAHAHA. I feel like its a curse! Because I want them all!!! AAAHHHHHH!

  8. Kou Yaten says:

    Thank you very much!!! So rare scans!!! I’m so happy!

  9. Jim says:

    Hey! Thank you for your scanlations. I have been waiting for months!!

    I have something to say. Some weeks ago, I could get the book Final Sailor, by Kzuko Tadano. The doujinshi contains sketches (really few), early character designs, most of them, unseen in the series (even a human Kisenian!) and unreleased illustrations. Not many pages, it is the truth.

    I have to say that Kazuko Tadano has made her own Sailor Moon manga doujinshi in a series named Momo Maru. The greatest of this is you can see her own version of Uranus and Neptune!

  10. Jim says:

    Hey, I uploaded a post yesterday but it is no here now!

  11. Jim says:

    Hey!! It is here again! Sorry…

  12. Lisa says:

    @ Kou Yaten – ^_^ No problem! I’m really glad you like the scans!

    @ Jim – Sorry about that! I think our spam filter got to your comment because of the multiple links. I had to go approve the message manually. Anyhow, those are some great pictures you posted! I’m so very jealous of you. I shall make it a goal too, to hunt down that Final Sailor book. And the Momo Maru doujinshi is so adorable!! I’m adding that to my list too! =D I love Tadano Kazuko’s art work.

  13. Tiffany says:

    OMG!!! XD thank you soooo much for scanning these!!! I’ve always wanted to know what was inside but knew that would never happen because of how expensive these are a lifesaver!!!! ^o^

  14. Lisa says:

    @ Tiffany: ^_^ AAH!!! Its no problem at all. I actually really want to see the sketches in the other volumes too! Hopefully I find them one day, or someone else scans and uploads them!

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