Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook

Infinity Artbook

Yep, it happened: A Volume Infinity artbook was torn apart for scans. I know that bit of information probably broke someone’s heart, considering that Volume Infinity generally costs (at the very least) a few hundred dollars on Ebay. But in our defense, our copy of Volume Infinity came to us damaged and the pages were falling out. So what better way to do it, than to scan it in and preserve the files…?

Some of you are wondering why this book costs so much. I sold my own copy on Ebay for $900 about a year ago. sold a copy for almost $2000 on Ebay a few years back. Its an extremely rare book, published personally by Sailor Moon’s creator, Takeuchi Naoko. Inside, it contains the artwork of her friends, staff, other famous mangaka, and much more. The book was a very personal project of Takeuchi Naoko’s, and a very small number of copies were made available for sale at Comiket 1997.

Volume Infinity doesn’t even have an ISBN…!! Takeuchi Naoko kinda fooled around with that, by printing the code USAGI-00-000000-0 at the back of the book, where the ISBN should’ve been. That little part itself showed how much Volume Infinity must’ve meant to Naoko, for her to pay attention to such small details. More information on this precious book could be found on and WikiMoon.

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