Rare Sailor Moon Promotional Posters

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Promo PosterAAHHH!! I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself! Yesterday, the Sailor Stars poster that I spent YEARS searching for, finally arrived at my home. This poster is by far one of the rarest collectors’ item from the Sailor Moon world and can cost someone HUNDREDS of dollars to obtain by auction (see here and here).

Many of you would recognize the image on this poster from a bootleg Sailor Moon wall scroll that was mass manufactured by a Chinese factory 15 years ago. The image also made another appearance on a small bootleg halogram card. Neither of which was scannable and was also printed with inaccurate coloring.

Sailor Moon S Promo PosterVery few people knew that the actual origin of this striking image, was taken from a promotional poster for the 5th Season of Sailor Moon. Promo posters such as this one, was produced in extremely limited numbers and were put on display in book stores, super markets, toy stores, and video stores. However, once the short promotional period was over, the poster would get taken down by the store employees and discarded.

Promotional posters for other seasons of Sailor Moon (like this one on your right, for Sailor Moon S) usually show up on Yahoo Japan several times a year. But for some reason, the promo poster for Sailor Stars is so rare, that it made only three appearances on auction in the last 2½ years.

My Sailor Stars poster arrived to me in poor condition: wrinkled, brittle, scratched, and with colors scraped off. But I was so happy to get it, I carefully scanned the poster in and spent over 16 hours photoshopping out the damage. So please enjoy the image! It took many years and lots of money to get this scan to you. And thank you to the lovely members of SMC who helped me hunt this poster down! I love you guys! <3

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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Both posters are amazing! I especially like the layout designs of the Stars one & the character depictions of the S one. I think I’ve seen the Stars one only once – thx for scanning & painstakingly editing it!

  2. waahhhh!! That’s actually one of my fav Sailor Moon group pictures, it’s AWESOME!! Thanks so much for scanning it and for your hard work retouching it *_*

  3. Luke says:

    O M G ~ !!! After 13 years of looking I finally have this illustration in HQ! Actually Super High Quality :D You can even see Usagi’s face. This is a gorgeous poster and it was really interesting to know about its origin and I’m glad you were able to get your own copy :) I’m super happy for downloading it in high resolution glory :D

  4. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I wonder why there’re no “not for sale” words on those posters. lol

  5. Jim says:

    Thanks!! I love this image. It is really hard to find, and when it is, very expensive. I am not very fan of Sailor Stars nor Katsumi Tamegai, but this image is beautiful. But let me say that not as beautiful as this one, hehehe:


  6. Rika-Chicchi says:

    ^ Would like to see a scan of that one, too!

  7. Lisa says:

    @ Rika-C: Haha. I’ve noticed that a lot of Sailor Moon promotional goods lack the “Not for Sale” words on them too! I wonder if those words were printed on the items, if it would somehow persuade sellers to not sell them for such a high price. O_O One can only dream!! I’m glad you like the posters RC!

    @ Chibi: ^__________^ Its my favorite Sailor Moon picture too! I fell in love with in, it the 8th grade, right when I saw it! I somehow knew you would like it too!

    @ Luke: =D AAHHH! I love scanning in posters because I can post HQ quality images of them. I have to scan them in piece by piece and connect them (which can get a bit tricky), but the end result is sooooo worth it! Glad you love the poster!

    @ Jim: Hahahaha. To each their own! Its a lovely poster, you have there. I’ve seen that image on a lot of bootleg wallscrolls as well. Those Chinese factories sure know how to pick ‘em! ^_^ Its beautiful!

  8. Jim says:

    @Lisa: Yess!! You love Katsumi Tamegai, while I love Ikuko Itoh-sama. I apreciate a lot your work scaning this material. I used to do that. You can visit my gallery in Mini Tokyo:


    But I stopped when I realize that people were making money with my efforts and without any permission. Sorry…

  9. Lisa says:

    @ Jim: Oh, YOU are the scanner of those images! ^_^ I came across those before, when I was searchiing for calendars. You do great work! I love your images! Its sad that you have quit scanning though. I’ve been scanning Sailor Moon items for ten years now. There’s the bad that comes with the good, but overwhelmingly, there have been more good. Don’t be discouraged! You’re awesome!

  10. […] As we’ve discussed before, promotional posters are scarcely found in good condition. As if to prove our assertion right, this Sailor Stars poster is so rare that even relatively high quality copies of it need to have their blemishes edited out in Photoshop! […]

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