Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe Book

Sailor Moon TV Magazine DeluxeHello hello! I finally scanned in the Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe book for Season One of the anime, published by Kodansha. Which means that all Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe anime books have now been scanned in and are available in the Gallery.

I really enjoyed scanning in this book because there are many more pictures of Tuxedo Kamen and Osaka Naru. It reminded me that these two characters had more important roles in Season One, than in later seasons. Also, Tuxedo Kamen looked the dreamiest in here and there are many images of the mysterious Shitennou too.

Here are the download links for all the Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe anime books. Some of the books are hosted on MEGA and can only be downloaded using the GOOGLE CHROME browser, without having to install MEGA’s extention. If you use other browsers (like Firefox), than you may have to install MEGA’s extention, which doesn’t really do anything to your browser. I say this because MEGA downloads are really fast, and I may use them more often in the future. Anyhow, enjoy!

Kodansha’s Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe Books

  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon TV Magazine Deluxe (Season One)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe (Volume 1)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon R TV Magazine Deluxe (Volume 2)Download
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon S TV Magazine DeluxeDownload
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon SuperS TV Magazine DeluxeDownload
  • Kodansha’s Sailor Moon Sailor Stars TV Magazine DeluxeDownload

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  1. Luke says:

    Seriously? Nobody left a comment? Sorry :3
    Thank you for scanning this – all your updates are amazing. Thank you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ahahahaha. Thanks Luke! =D Sometimes when I’m typing up these blog entries, I don’t know what to say, and I sound really boring. I think visitors sense it too. Thank you for always visiting though! Makes this place feels less empty. O_O

  3. Luke says:

    You don’t sound boring! Fans are just lazy :D They download and move on, to be honest I do that as well most of the time (especially when I already see a lot of comments or have to register to another site).

  4. Lisa says:

    LOL ^_^ I do the same too. But I still stand by my opinion that I think I’m boring! Hahaha. This whole blog thing is weird for me. I don’t know why.

    Anyhow, good news Luke! I won several book auctions lately. One is Saraba Sailor Moon by Shinya Hasegawa, and one is Small Soldier by Hyper Graphicers. The auctions just ended, so they’re in the process of being mailed out. I’ll probably get them in about two weeks. O_O

  5. Luke says:

    Saraba Sailor Moon? Small Soldier? AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! That’s amazing!! :D I’m so hopping for scans of those in the (near?) future. :3 You’re one lucky Moonie :)

  6. Lisa says:

    ^_^ Hahaha. Not so lucky that I spent my entire tax refund on it! GRRRRR. But definitely scans in the future! Maybe next month!

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