Happy Birthday Hino Rei

Official Sailor Mars Fan BookThis year for Sailor Mars’ birthday, I scanned in her special character guide, Nakayoshi Official Hino Rei Fan Book, published by Kodansha in 1996. The book is filled with lovely and rare images of the Fire Senshi, and provides an extensive look into her character. It covers the adventures of Sailor Mars from Season One through Season Three of Sailor Moon.

I find it particularly amusing that the book mentions the "love triangle" between Hino Rei, Kumada Yuuichirou, and Tenoh Haruka. The special images the periodical includes of Hino Rei/Sailor Mars are especially beautiful, and I took the time to connect the two-page spreads, so people can use those images as wallpapers. There is also an interview with Hino Rei’s voice actress, Tomizawa Michie, at the very end. This book is a "must-have" for all Sailor Mars fans. I scanned in the original Japanese version of the book, but it was also published in English by the company TokyoPop. Sold on Ebay and Amazon.

Happy Birthday Book Vol. 1PALE LILAC & EASY

Included in this Sailor Mars update, is a short doujinshi by Pale Lilac and Easy, titled Happy Birthday Rei Hino (B.D. Book Vol. 1). Pale Lilac (Ohmori Madoka) and Easy (Izumi Shou) are relatively famous among Sailor Moon doujinshi collectors. Ohmori Madoka and Izumi Shou were both production assistants of Takeuchi Naoko, when she was working on the Sailor Moon manga. In fact, both ladies were featured in the Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook (Look here and here).

Pale Lilac is the more popular choice among the two ladies, because her art style is very similar to Takeuchi Naoko’s. Many fans consider doujinshi by Pale Lilac to be an extension of the original Sailor Moon manga due to the physical similarities. Unfortunately, Pale Lilac’s works are very hard to find and for this reason, Sailor Moon doujinshi by her are considered prized items for even non-doujinshi collectors.

Happy birthday to Hino Rei and please enjoy the scans, everyone!
Nakayoshi Official Hino Rei Fan Book: [ View in Gallery || Download ]

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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    It’s interesting that while the fan books only cover the 1st three seasons, the back cover of their collection box features the Inners in their Super forms, which only appeared after S, while Sailor Moon is still in her Super form in S. lol

    I wish there were a 6th fan book covering the Outers. ^^

  2. Lisa says:

    O___O!! OMG RC!! You couldn’t be more right!! I want official fan books for the Outer Senshi so much. Its not fair! I mean, the books were released in 1996!! That was at the end of the SuperS Season! Why couldn’t they have included the Outer Senshi too?! I feel bad for Chibi Moon too. She got jipped. She was in Sailor Moon since Season R, and still didn’t get a fan book. Tsk tsk.

  3. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Chibi Moon would even deserve a separate fan book if SuperS were to be also covered, while the Outers could share one, as each of them mightn’t have as much materials. So altogether seven books, which’d be neat!

  4. Lisa says:

    ^_^ I think I remembered a doujinshi, where the artist made a fanbook for Haruka and Michiru, in the style of these fan books. It was actually really impressive. I wish I had bought it. GRRRR.

  5. Luke says:

    OMG Gorgeousness!! Finally I get to see how the japanese Fanbooks compare to the ones we had released in Poland back in the day. There’s quite a few pages missing actually, most of which had beautiful artwork in the japanese version.
    The scans are superb quality as always – especially two-page spreads – THANK YOU! :3

    I was wondering are you planning on scanning the remaining fanbooks?

  6. Lisa says:

    =D Glad you liked the scans, Luke! To be honest, I’ve never seen the English ones, or any of the international ones. I can’t even compare. I always thought they were all the same. That’s sad the pretty images are missing.

    I’m planning to eventually scan in all of the books. I actually was really lucky, when it came to the Fan Books. I picked up my first set with the limited box for like, $39, YEARS ago. And then, just two years ago, I found an Ebay auction with 4 of the books and bidded $5 bucks on it. @_@ I can’t believe I won that.

  7. Rika-Chicchi says:

    $5? That’s incredible! I also got the box w/ a d/c at a manga shop many years ago, but still nothing near that price. lol

  8. Luke says:

    $5?! Haha now THAT’S luck! :E
    But $39 for a complete boxed set is also amazing. I’m so jelly right now :3 Polish eBay sucks! I compared the listings there with the US version and you have a lot more stuff to bid on – we mostly get the same international sellers with a fixed price and most of the time they’re ridiculous. Thank God for Rakuten! Although they have really expensive shipping (especially for books) I just love how much legit stuff they have and just for a quarter of the original price. The only downside is you never get to see a real photo of the product you’re buying, but I’ve bought over 50 CDs there and only 5 were not mint condition – but for their prices I’m willing to take that risk.

    Oh, could you please answer my question about scanning the remaining four books? That would be really awesome to have – at least as scans.
    There were quite a few differences between the japanese and polish version of Mars’ Fanbook – first of all the pages were flipped from right to left and I really mean ALL (even illustrations that cover the hole page) – so yeah, the publisher was lazy :1 Also there was no song lyrics or an interview with Tomizawa Michie – although no CDs were released in Poland I’m actually surprised they didn’t keep the interview or at least interview our lektor – Danuta Stachyra (in Poland we got the original voices but overlapped with a “lektor” so one person reading all the dialogs – you can find it on YouTube). Finally, what’s really odd is that some pages were just missing – not censored or anything – just missing. I’m guessing that after removing the lyrics and interview they were left with an non-standard number of pages and it was cheaper to just remove 3 or 4 more pages (that’s why in Kodansha’s current manga release you sometimes don’t have translator’s notes and other times you get a filler – preview of the next volume).

    I’ll tell you why I love your scans so much :3 I’m not the kind of Moonie who collects everything – I used to be but as a 25 y/o guy I noticed there are only a few things that really interest me and the rest just collects dust. Now I only collect CDs (anime/live-action/seramyu and seiyuu discography) and artbooks. also I’m planning on paying a LD player and getting all the LDs, but that’s in the future. Anyway – the biggest disappointment for me, is that we never got a PROPER anime artbook. They all look like magazines for children, so one of my goals is to print my own Sailor Moon Anime Artbook – hardcover and whatnot – that’s why I’ve been collecting the highest quality scans available, editing the images in Photoshop (no text, logos, artifacts or overlapping images, also color correction etc) to hopefully one day produce an Anime Artbook of such high quality even I fill be impressed how real it looks :D

    Well…actually artbookS, ’cause I’m guessing I’ll end up with several volumes. The only downside is that I would love to make one (or more) for each season, but when it comes to Sailor Moon it’s pretty much impossible to just say – “OK, now my collection is finished. I have EVERY official illustration EVER”…yeah like that’s going to happen ;P
    Anyways – that’s why I’m hopping for more Fanbook scans, ’cause they’re filled with gorgeous illustrations, and although I have all the polish ones scanned, I was surprised to find out that there’s more in the japanese version.

    Oh, I’m not going to sell them or anything – I just want to own them myself :3 But maybe I’ll open a website someday will THE HUGEST pdf’s you’ve ever seen and a Guide to how you can publish them for yourself. :)

  9. Lisa says:

    @ RC: I don’t know how I got so lucky with the Fanbooks. It would’ve been great if I was that lucky with the Manga art books. LOL

    @ Luke: ^_^ Yes, I’ll scan in the other four fan books eventually! Wow, that’s quite a goal you’ve set up for yourself. I’ve always wanted to make a photo book of the fans and their collections myself, one day. But its a noble goal! You should do it!

    I’m curious to see what kind of artbook Kodansha will release. They say they’ll release a new artbook in the late Fall of this year. Keeping my fingers crossed. I envy your CD collection though. I just finished collecting the 3″inch Sailor Moon CD Singles. Gotta work on collecting the albums myself! =D

  10. Luke says:

    I’m not too excited about the new artbook. It’s suppose to be a selection of Naoko’s favourite illustrations from 5 previous artbooks + a few new pictures. You know how fans were all excited about new Sailor Moon illustrations to appear in TokyoViVi – well turns out we already seen them all years ago :3 Don’t get me wrong, I love Takeuchi’s style, I’m just not having too much high hopes about the number of new art in the upcoming artbook. I’m still more then happy to get one though :D Oh, but I’m pretty curious about the mistery art – one different illustration for each country. I think we’ll be getting Usagi dressed in stereotypical cloths associated with each country – but to me that sounds awesome :D

    Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start collecting Sailor Moon CDs :D I have only one HQCD which is suppose to be a remastered version of the original album, but I truly can’t tell a different. Still I would like to have all the CDs remastered – but I already bought most of them without nothing anything about HQCD :)
    I’m only starting to collect CD Singles – I wasn’t sure will I even want them, but since I probably will never buy the Music or Song Collections (waaaaay overpriced by fans) my only chance for getting karaoke’s is through CD Singles.

    Oh, but I have a question for you. Do you know where can I get plastic cases designed for japanese 3″ singles? I’ve searched the internet in both english and japanese and I found nothing. I know they exist – I just finished collecting Kotono Mitsuishi’s discography, and for some weird reason Rakuten send me one of her CD Singles in case.
    I was very happy ’cause now I knew they existed, and on the case it was written “KEEP CD-Single PLA Case”, but I still found nothing. ‘Keep’ looked like a logo, but I couldn’t find such a company or any of their products on Yahoo Japan or eBay.
    Were you lucky enough to get all your CD Singles with cases or just the regular plastic sleeve? Or maybe you know where to find them?

  11. Lisa says:

    ^_^ Aw. I’m just desperate for anything new at all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the new artbook, that it’ll give us something worth while. Tokyo ViVi was interesting. But I’m a girl. I enjoyed looking at the clothes.

    Anyhow, my 3″ inch CD singles came in the regular plastic sleeves. I actually went and bought new plastic sleeves to put them in. It made them look all new. I think the plastic case you’re referring it, is one of those cases they used to have in CD stores in Japan. To keep the 3″ inch CD singles in, so please don’t damage them as easily, when they pick them up in stores. Those would be really hard to find. O_O

  12. Luke says:

    Haha. I’m gay – I’d enjoye looking at the clothes aswell :p but I only saw scans of the Sailor Moon pages in TokyoViVi.

    Where did you get new plastic sleeves for the CD Singles? I’m still going to look for the cases but still 2 of my singles could use a new sleeve.
    I think it’s a genuine case that you could probably get in any music store in Japan back in the 90′s. It looks and opens like a regular case, just the dimensions differ.
    I took a few picture so you’ll see what I’m talking about – http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/8932/cdsiw.jpg

    Awesome right? :3

  13. Luke says:

    YAY! I found them! :3
    You just need to type “CDシングルケース” into Yahoo Japan Auction search box and voila. :D
    I’ve never used ‘Shopping Mall Japan’ or any other similar service that order’s stuff for you, but I already see it’s not going to bee cheap :] Oh well, good thing they exist

  14. Luke says:

    WOW! What’s will all the spam :|

  15. Lisa says:

    O_O Yeah, seriously. I was gone for a few days, and come back to like 100+ spam post. I just updated my spam filter, so let’s see if that helps.

  16. Pat G says:

    Greetings,dear miss Lisa.
    I am a card collector from Poland and I have a question – as you have a very extensive and huge collection of Sailormoon related scans- do you know is there a similar site but dedicated to Magic Knight Rayearth franchise wit hall rare scans ?.

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