Izumi Rika Hosted a TV Show This Week

After more than five years since PGSM, Izumi Rika (formerly known as Hama Chisaki) appeared on a TV show again this week! It is a primetime mini sports show aired on TV Asahi from Monday to Friday this week, and she taught yoga in it. ^_^

The introduction clip ripped from Easy Sports’ Official Site:

Watch video here. | Download here.

A footage of the show (courtesy of  Valentino for his permission to direct-link it from his own server): Download here. A footage of her last installment of the show (courtesy of Valentino): Download here.

This is originally meant to be the caps of Azama Mew’s morning program today, with the caps of Rika’s show placed at the bottom as a secondary thing only, but what the poster commented makes Rika’s the centerpiece of his post: Image here. I don’t feel like translating it here. ^_^;

That’s all for now – I’ll keep you posted on anything new about Izumi Rika. =)

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  1. Lisa says:

    =D That’s awesome! Thanks for posting this Rika-chicchi!

  2. Lyss says:

    I guess you were able to download that from me? lol RC i love this site!! Good job Lisa!!

  3. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Yup, it’s from your YouTube clip, Lyss. ^^ I originally posted the url of the clip on this entry, hence I didn’t need to credit you, but Lisa has re-uploaded it to this site, so the credit is now needed & I’m gonna edit this entry to credit you – sorry for my omittance. ^^;

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m sorry for the confusion! I didn’t rip the video from Lyss’s Youtube site. The video was ripped by my BF from Easy Sport’s Official Site. I mentioned that in an email to RC on January 24th, after I edited his entry. The thing was, I wanted to eventually add the video to our Media section, but wanted the best quality doing so. Which was why I had my BF extract the orignal FLV from Easy Sport’s site, ‘cuz I didn’t know how myself. So the video in the link above, was actually ripped by us. I’m sorry for the confusion Lyss and RC.

  5. Lyss says:

    lol Its okay. When I said that It was to be poking fun. If you are referring to what I posted on my site, it has nothing to do with this.. Its about the Chinese forum and people keep reported it to me for take my scans and not crediting.. lol Or they say I am taking them from the Chinese forum.. SO annoying. :P

  6. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Oh yeah, what Lisa said above. Sorry for my bad memory – I’ve mistaken that Lisa’s BF ripped it from your YouTube clip. ^^;

    But yeah, there’s always a considerably large Chinese fandom of Rika/Chisaki, especially nowadays because of the Chinese & Taiwanese editions of Ray, & your Rika site is one of their info sources, so those annoying things are bound to happen. lol

  7. Lisa says:

    Its coolies, no worries! =) Just a big misunderstanding I wanted to clear up.

    =) Have any of you seen Chinese “Ray” before? I’ve seen the mainland China “Ray” online, and the Taiwan version of “Ray” in Kinokuniya. I actually like the Taiwan version and wanted to subscribe to it, but the store wasn’t taking subscriptions for Taiwan “Ray.” -sigh- I wouldn’t mind being behind issues, to get Taiwan “Ray.”

    But Lyss, if the Chinese sites are accusing you of taking their stuff, just flaunt your scan’s quality. I’m serious when I say, that your site’s scan quality are a lot higher and better than all the Chinese sites. Chinese site scans are HELLA grainy. @__@;;

  8. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I’ve seen the Taiwanese version. The printing & paper qualities are on par w/ the Japanese version, but as expected, it contains local contents in addition to the Japanese ones, tho it still contains lots of Rika-ness. ^^

    BTW, have you noticed that the names of the 3 of us start w/ the identical or almost identical pronunciation – [Li]sa, [Ly]ss, & [Ri]ka-Chicchi (“ri” pronounces almost the same as “li” in Japanese)? lol