The Best Sailor Moon Doujinshi Post

I consider myself a pretty hardcore Sailor Moon doujinshi collector. Always on the look-out for amazing new Sailor Moon doujinshi on the market, and buying them up as I go. The reason why I love doujinshi so much, is because they are always unexpected. The Sailor Moon fandom have some really great story-tellers and artists. Some are so incredibly good, they can make you forget that you are reading a doujinshi. I have been lucky to come across quite a few of those delicately written fan comics. These three I have scanned below, are definitely among my favorites. If there are any Sailor Moon doujinshi that you should bug your favorite scanlators to take on, these would be it.

Yume no Tsuzuki by Tsuki Kioku"Yume no Tsuzuki" by Tsuki Kioku

"Yume no Tsuzuki" by the talented Hana Ame (from the circle Tsuki Kioku) was the doujinshi that turned me into a Helios x Chibi-Usa fan. The art work in the doujinshi is drop-dead gorgeous, and is definitely reminiscent of the Sailor Moon anime style. The storyline takes place in the future of Crystal Tokyo, when Chibi-Usa is a teenager and is the new generation of Sailor Moon. She is the leader of the Sailor Quartet. The doujinshi tells how a teenage Chibi-Usa is re-introduced to Helios again. Its very romantic, and brings up some pretty interesting points that can definitely happen in the real Sailor Moon storyline. What fascinated me about this doujinshi, was that Hana Ame did such a wonderful job of creating this future generation. The world she created felt REAL. Adding on Hana Ame’s beautiful art style, this doujinshi is simply amazing.

- Download "Yume no Tsuzuki" (149.1 MB) | View In Gallery
- Tsuki Kioku’s Official Site | Hana Ame’s Official Pixiv

Lady in the Tower by Studio Canopus"Lady in the Tower" by Studio Canopus

If you are new to collecting Sailor Moon doujinshi, many collectors would immediately recommend anything by the talented circle Studio Canopus, headed by artist Yamada Mario. Doujinshi by Studio Canopus are mostly about the relationship between Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru. Yamada Mario is very good at narrating the emotions and circumstances surrounding Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s destiny. His art work for the doujinshi he publishes are also extremely beautiful and detailed, which make items from Studio Canopus very sought after. One of the most popular and well known doujinshi in the Sailor Moon community is "Lady in the Tower" (also known as "Tou no Naka no Himegimi"). This fan comic is told from Elza Gray’s point of view, about the time when Michiru first meets Haruka. Once again, this is a doujinshi that is told so well, that it feels REAL; Like it could really be part of the Sailor Moon storyline. The beautiful art work definitely helps wrap your mind around the setting. This is a must-read for Sailor Moon doujinshi fans. "Lady in the Tower" was released in several different volumes, so I scanned in all the different covers for this doujinshi. The cover art work are all stunning.

- Download "Lady in the Tower" (132.5 MB) | View In Gallery
- Studio Canopus’s Official Site
- Read Translations at

Earth Wind 2 by Pale Lilac"Earth Wind 2" by Pale Lilac

This last one I’m posting up, is a doujinshi by the production assistant of the goddess herself, Takeuchi Naoko. Her name is Ohmori Madoka and she publishes her doujinshi under the circle name Pale Lilac. Ohmori Madoka’s art work is extremely similar to Takeuchi Naoko’s manga style. Because of this, doujinshi by Pale Lilac are highly sought after, and are often expensive because they are rare. Pale Lilac published a set of short doujinshi titled "Earth Wind," consisting of four volumes. The first volume can often be found in stores like Mandarake, but the other three books are very hard to find. I scanned in "Earth Wind 2" by Pale Lilac. The art work inside is beautiful and very nostalgic because it is so similar to Takeuchi Naoko’s style. The storyline is a bit silly but in a good way. And of course, there are the sexy stuff too. *cough* I think fans will overall enjoy this doujinshi. Some of the characters are written to be very “out of character,” but it makes the doujinshi funny in a cute way.

- Download "Earth Wind 2" (36 MB) | View In Gallery

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  1. Katy says:

    This is AMAZING!!! Thank you so, so much!

  2. Lisa says:

    ^_^ AWWW!!! No problem,Katy! I’m glad you love the scans!

  3. Chibi says:

    Wah, yaaay! Thanks for scanning and sharing these Lisa ^____^ I’m really looking forward to reading them~ esp the Chibiusa x Helios one :D By the way, how are you able to read it in Japanese? :O

  4. Lisa says:

    CHIBI!!! <3 <3 Oh, you'll love the Helios x ChibiUsa one. Its soooo cute. I love that doujinshi to death. It may be my favorite in my collection now.

    I can't read a whole LOT of Japanese. ^_^ But my parents sent me to Chinese school for a lot of years. And I took a few Japanese courses in college. Its been years, so I forgot a lot of it. But I still can read enough to make out what the doujinshi are trying to say. I can't translate it accurately. But I can read enough to get by, I guess? O_O I should just take another course in Japanese and freshen up again.

  5. Chibi says:

    Yes you’re right!!! I finally got a chance to look at them all, and omg GORGEOUS!!! Love it so much ^^ <33333

  6. Kou Yaten says:

    Thank you for the Yamada DJ ^__^/

  7. kvalle says:

    Thank you for scanning Earth Wind 1 & 2! Could you also please scan volume 3 sometime in the future?! thanks :)

  8. Lisa says:

    @ Kou Yaten – No problem, dear! I love doujinshi from Studio Canopus, so it was a treat for me too! =)

    @ Kvalle – Absolutely! ^_^ Its definitely on my “to scan” list in the future, along with Earth Wind Volume 4 too.

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