Small Soldier: Unmei no Deai

Small Soldier Unmei no Deai

Finally scanned in and uploaded is the douga art book Small Soldier: Unmei no Deai from the doujinshi group Hyper Graphicers. Like previous books that I scanned in from Hyper Graphicers, this is a doujinshi (self-published) book from the animators of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. It features douga and genga art work from the Sailor Moon anime. This is Volume 2 out of the four-book collection, and was published in May 1996. Unlike it’s subsequent releases (Lunatic Soldier and Selenity’s Moon), this book is MUCH harder to find and is worth more in monetary value.

Small Soldier is the most sought after volume of the Hyper Graphicers set, because it features douga and genga art work of Tomoe Hotaru, from Season 3 of the Sailor Moon anime. Tomoe Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) is the most mysterious character from the Sailor Moon world, and this book features an entire chapter on her. Another mysterious character that is included in Small Soldier is Black Lady from the second arc of Sailor Moon R. Black Lady gets a short chapter to herself.

Small Soldier features art work from Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon SuperS. I was most surprised to find that there were not many pages featuring the three main Outer Senshi (Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto). They did however, include art work for villains such as Kaolinite (Kaori-Knight), Eudial, and Mimette. Other characters highlighted are Furuhata Motoki, Nishimura Reika, and Unazuki. Chibi-Usa is the most featured character in the book, next to Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus. If you are a pretty dedicated Sailor Moon collector and come across this book, it may be worth your money to add it to your collection.

Small Soldier: Unmei no Deai – [ Download | View in Gallery ]

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Program BookSailor Moon La Reconquista Program

I finally got my hands on a copy of the Sailor Moon "La Reconquista" Program Book and scanned it in. La Reconquista is the Sailor Moon musical for 2013, and features an all-female cast. The program (pamphlet) book for the musical features full-colored high-quality images of the cast members in costume, and even has three new Sailor Moon manga images from the goddess, Takeuchi Naoko. Please enjoy the scans!

Sailor Moon "La Reconquista" Program Book – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
(Translations of the program can be read at Miss Dream.)

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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Just to say thank you very much for these high-quality scans, Lisa. ^^

  2. Lisa says:

    Awww…!! ^_^ Thanks RC!! Always a pleasure to see you around!

  3. Chibi says:

    I really enjoyed the scans from the Sailor Moon La Reconquista Program! Thanks for your effort Lisa :D Really appreciate it <33

  4. Lisa says:

    =D YAY!! Thanks Chibi!! I’m glad you liked the La Reconquista program. I think the costumes are so pretty!

  5. Aiden says:

    Thanks for the scan, however, I’m not able to download small_soldier_99_118.jpg because there is an error in the link connecting to 118.jpg instead, can you please fix that? Much much appreciated!

  6. Lisa says:

    Hello Aiden! Thank you for the heads up! I went ahead and corrected the 118.jpg file. You should be able to download it now. Thanks again!

  7. Luke says:

    Hi Lisa :D Good to see you back!

    Thank you for those beautiful scans (especially of “Small Soldier”). This is a real treat :3
    Though, If I may, I would suggest less contrast when editing the files. I have HQ scans of “La Reconquista” (BTW, LOVE this myu!) from another source and the contrast there isn’t as high and the pictures look more natural. The same goes for “Small Soldier” – I think the high contrast made some of the lines disappear.
    Your full-color anime and manga scans look always great though, so I think it’s just a matter of editing habit (I’m a graphic designer so I have a lot of those myself :3)

    Thanks again! ♡ U!

  8. Lisa says:

    Hey Luke! Thank you for your advice. =) Its because I don’t have as much time to edit my scans like I used to. Before, I just graduated from school, or was still in school, and had time to spend more time and be more meticulous about my scans. But now, my new job’s schedule is pretty slammed. I take work home a lot over the weekends, so I have WAY less time, and sometimes no time, to work on my site anymore.

    I used to be able to spend a whole week (literally 8 hour days) editing one book, to get it right. But these days, I’d be lucky if I have even 5 hours for editing one book.

    There will be a day when I can no longer scan things, but I do what I can, until that day comes. I get a lot of scan requests coming in all the time, so I do try to get to everything for everyone. It may mean I have to sacrifice some quality, but as long as the scans are not horrible, I’m not afraid to upload it. =) I hope you understand.

    But the great thing about the internet, is that there are always other people scanning, and better scans. I know, because I visit Tumblr when I can to look at other people’s scans too. ^_^

  9. Luke says:

    Sorry for the late reply Lisa!

    I completely understand. We all have other obligations and let’s face it – we’re not getting any younger :3 so the times when we could spend all day on our hobbies are long gone.
    I’m still very impressed whenever you find the time to post some new scans. Also your scans are often very rare and I don’t come across them elsewhere (nope, not even on Tumblr).

    If you have something scanned already and it’s the editing that makes you wait with the release you can always white me an email. I’m quite experienced with photo editing so I could you out in my free time. :3 Contact me if you’re interested.

  10. Luke says:

    “white me an email”? Hahaha :D *write

  11. Luke says:

    “so I could…” HELP “…you out” Gosh what’s wrong with me today :E

  12. Aiden says:

    hey! Thanks so much for the fix Lisa! I have always interested in studying the art by different animators through these years, but unfortunately very hard to find their works. Your site is so wonderful, I am sure it takes lots of time to scan the pages, your unconditional contribution to the moonie community is undeniably valuable!

  13. Lisa says:

    @ Luke – Aww! Thank you for volunteering! I am one of the only larger scan sites, with no staff members. LOL If I ever go on two months without updating, I will definitely give you an email and send things your way. Thank you so much for volunteering. I won’t take your generosity for granted, and will only ask if I must! Thank you dear!

    @ Aiden – Thank you Aiden for your lovely words! I’m happy to share my stuff with people. I don’t know any other Sailor Moon fans where I live, so its great I am able to upload my books and share them with everyone. I’m really happy people even visit my site. Hahaha.

  14. Carlos says:

    Thanks Lisa for the scans!!

    Please, can you tell me the japanese magazine that incuded this Sailor Luna ad??
    april 2004


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