Sailor Moon Art of Fukano Youichi

Senshi no Tsue by Fukano YouichiWhen fans of Sailor Moon think of art work from the anime, they think of the names: Tadano Kazuko, Hasegawa Shinya, or Ikuko Itoh. Many fans are familiar with the art work of Fukano Youichi but don’t realize it. This brilliant man illustrated many images of Sailor Moon which ended up on CD covers, toy boxes, Sera Myu pamphlets, and more. His illustrations were everywhere but many fans didn’t know they were drawn by him.

Fukano Youichi is very active in the recent years on Twitter under the username of @hoypoykoy. He has also been active in releasing many new artworks in the Sailor Moon doujinshi community, these last three years. Though they were released in extremely limited numbers and are hard to find, I took the time to hunt down each doujinshi piece. Not only do you get to see Fukano Youichi’s version of Eternal Sailor Moon (Fukano Moon), but also his new art style for the Outer Senshi.

"Senshi no Tsue" by Fukano Youichi

"Senshi no Tsue" is a doujinshi book published by Fukano Youichi in early 2012 at the Wonder Parlour Cafe in Japan. It was extremely limited in numbers and is very hard to find. In the book, Fukano Youichi discusses his work on Sailor Moon during the 90′s. He also drew little quick sketches of the senshi in maid outfits. I think "Senshi no Tsue" is a book Sailor Moon fans should definitely hire Miss Dream to translate. If anyone starts raising funds to do so, please contact me: I’ll throw in $20. Enjoy the scans everyone!

"Senshi no Tsue" by Fukano Youichi – [ Download | View in Gallery ]

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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    They should’ve adopted that ESM design in the anime instead (I especially like its incorporating the princess dress design). : P

    Thx for this update. ^___^

  2. Lucas says:

    Thank you :D I love this update. Such rare and gorgeous scans – especially the one with half Crystal and half Cosmos Sailor Moon :3

  3. Lisa says:

    @ Rika-Chicchi – I really like the prototype version too! Its so beautiful! It makes me wonder how much the budget was slashed for the Sailor Stars season, for them to abandon such a beautiful concept. =) Thanks for commenting RC! <3

    @ Lucas – Thanks Lucas! Glad you enjoyed the scans. I love the prototype too. I wish there were more images of it.

  4. luna says:

    Thanks for update!!

    but, i can’t download ” sailor moon art book”
    you know why?? thanks!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hello Luna! I checked the link and its working. Just click on it, wait for it to load, and then click the Download button the page. =)

  6. U-ka saegusa IN dbIII says:

    佐々木絢子先生の娘で中学3年の響子さんはももいろクローバーZや日向坂46のCDを聞いたり、映画「幕が上がる」やアニメでは「美少女戦士セーラームーン SuperS」のDVD鑑賞を観ている時に一番思い出になったのは「超マジメ少女の水野亜美ちゃんがセーラーマーキュリーで必殺技はシャイン アクア イリュージョンが大好きな響子は欅坂46の3期生のオーディションで合格したら石森虹花ちゃんのようになって欲しいけど歌やダンスを覚えて勉強したいです。」絢子先生に「響子も中学を卒業したら「りぼん」のモデルグランプリで賞金をもらったら長沢菜々香ちゃんのようになって漫画をかけるようになりたいです。」と褒めてくれます。響子が「ザ・ゴールデン・ヒストリー」や「らしくいきましょ」、「不協和音」の歌いたいです。

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