Latest Sailor Moon Doujinshi Additions

Its been a while since I’ve added Sailor Moon doujinshi to the gallery, so much apologies! I think you’ll enjoy the three I’ve selected for this update though. There is Yamada Mario’s latest "Times" by my favorite circle, Studio Canopus. Its a nice short pamphlet with plenty of adorable Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune illustrations.

I’ve also added this beautifully drawn doujinshi called "Yume no Tamago" by the very talented circle Bebop//Dog//Duo. Its a short little story about Fisheye, Amazon Trio, Helios, and Usagi. I think you’ll enjoy it because its beautiful and super cute!

Last but not least, I’ve added the self-published "Otome no Policy" book by Obata Kimiharu. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with this author, Obata Kimiharu was a key animator for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. He published this short book as a tribute to Sailor Moon for the anime’s 20th Anniversary. It features some very beautiful and intricate illustrations by Obata-san, which is a real treat to see him revisit this period of anime in his life. Please enjoy the scans!

Times by Studio Canopus
Title: Times
Author: Yamada Mario

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Yume no Tamago by Bebop Dog Duo
Title: Yume no Tamago
Author: Fukumaki

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Otome no Policy by Kimiharu Obata
Title: Otome no Policy
Author: Kimiharu Obata

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  1. Katy says:

    I’m SO excited to you uploading doujinshi again!! I remember that you posted a list of your doujinshi collection, many of which haven’t been scanned. Would you accept requests for which doujinshi to scan next?

  2. Lisa says:

    =) I totally accept requests! In fact, this new doujinshi update is totally inspired by you, Katy! Please enjoy! (Sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner! This blog used to notify me when I had comments. I need to recheck the settings)

  3. Dawnlight6 says:

    I love your site, I’m so happy to see you’re still here! I found your site many years ago back when I was looking for info on Sailor Moon doujinshi, and especially Studio Canopus. I’ve got my own pretty big Sailor Moon doujinshi collection these days, and honestly your site was just so helpful in giving me thoughts about who/what to collect.

  4. Lisa says:

    That is awesome to hear, Dawnlight6! It is always great meeting another fellow Sailor Moon doujinshi collector. I will try to update the site more with doujinshi. I’m happy to know that it helps other collectors!

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