Pale Lilac, Hinotama, Replicant Doujinshi

Hello everyone! I recently added a few vintage Sailor Moon doujinshi to the library from the 1990′s and early 2000′s. Katy was actually the one who made the request for this update, so you guys have her awesomeness to thank for it!

First up is a full volume doujinshi from Pale Lilac a.k.a. Ohmori Madoka. Many of us know her as Takeuchi Naoko’s production assistant during the time Sailor Moon the manga was being illustrated. So many of Pale Lilac’s work holds an extremely strong resemblance to Takeuchi Naoko’s drawing style. Pale Lilac’s works are very rare and are highly sought after by Sailor Moon collectors. "Moonish Girls" is a compilation doujinshi of Pale Lilac’s many works, so if you see it, I would recommend you grab it. It has a little of everything: Cute illustrations, smut, and lots of author’s notes. Its definitely a good one!

I also added a doujinshi from Tohru Mizushima, known under the alias of Replicant. Mizushima-san is probably one of the first super stars of the Sailor Moon doujinshi world. Her illustrations are super adorable and her works began circulating really early on, circa 1992 and 1993. The voice actor of Tsukino Kenji from the first series of the Sailor Moon anime, Machi Yuuji, also has a Mizushima Tohru listed as a spouse. No clue if its the same person though. (Hahahahhaa I’m starting rumors.)

Last but not least, I uploaded the illustrations from Ryutaro Hino’s CD-Rom doujinshi Silence for Rebirth. He is known by Sailor Moon fans as one of the best Tomoe Hotaru doujin artists in the world. The CD-rom was released in the early 2000′s, and it contained a few of his really awesome Hotaru illustrations, as well as the original source Photoshop file in the raw! I didn’t upload these Photoshop files because the file sizes are HUGE. But each PSD contained all the layers Ryutaro Hino used to create these beautiful illustrations. It was a beast and he is such a master at his craft.

Enjoy the doujinshi everyone!

Moonish Girls by Pale Lilac
Title: Moonish Girls
Author: Ohmori Madoka

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All Selection Color Collection Lovely by Replicant
Title: Color Collection Lovely
Author: Tohru Mizushima

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Silence for Rebirth by Hinotama
Title: Silence for Rebirth
Author: Ryutaro Hino

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  1. 12345 says:

    Any chance you can upload Kawabe Chieko’s Brilliance album again? The mediafire link is dead…
    Thank you in advance!!

  2. Shaun says:

    Hi Lisa! Holy crap it’s been forever! You may or may not remember me. It’s Shaun, from way back in the AOL days! I used to roleplay Yuuichirou!

    I stumbled on this and I thought “Wow that name sounds really freaking familiar”. Then it clicked!

    I hope everything’s been going great for you! It’s really nice to see the passion’s still burning! :3

  3. SUPER LOVE SONG B'z says:

    「かんさい情報ネットten」のキャスターで活躍する読売テレビの中谷しのぶアナウンサーとは先輩で虎谷温子アナウンサーや澤口実歩アナウンサーについて「どうしてもいいからそんなこと考えた時にTBSテレビ系ドラマ「刑事シュート3 しゅう&ムコの事件日誌」や映画「ガクドリ」に出演を果たした杉本有美ちゃんは2010年7月に写真集「Wish」の撮影2日目でフェニックスからセドナに着いた時に黒と白の帽子や黒と赤、青と銀色のTシャツで水色のパンツを私服姿だった有美ちゃんは「超マジメ少女は『世界屈指のパワースポット、セドナを巡る旅。神秘の地でマーキュリークリスタルパワーゆみ色姫が解き放つ女神オーラ‼️」と黒木千晶アナウンサーだってニッポン放送の箱崎みどりアナウンサーも「超恥ずかしいからやめて❗️」と増山さやかアナウンサーに「有美ちゃんの食べ物は抜群のパワーでもち米粉のクロワッサンやバターロール、カレーパンなどそれにスタミナで鍛えた赤べこの前沢牛のすき焼きは美味しい。」と報告されてしまいました。

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