Soldier IV Hyper Graphicers Vol. 1

Sailor Moon Soldier IV: Hyper Graphicers Vol. 1

I’ve been holding off on scanning this one in because it absolutely is one of my most prized possessions. Soldier IV is the very first Hyper Graphicers book published by the animators of the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime. To say that this book is extremely rare, is really an understatement. It maybe comes up on auction once every few years, and is usually attached to a super huge price tag. I won my copy back in 2017 (after looking for many years) for the price of 65,000 yen. When it finally arrived from Japan, I swore my hands were shaking when I was pulling it out the box. I am part of a small handful of people who owns this book.

Soldier IV by HyperGraphicersWhich is why I really held off on scanning Soldier IV in. It is a doujinshi that was published in 1995. Given it’s age and binding quality, I knew the moment I scanned it in, the pages would fall out. And it did. Hahaha. So while I cry in my corner, please enjoy the scans.

Sailor Moon Soldier IV showcases douga artwork from Season 1 through Season 3, and some of the Sailor Moon R movie. It feature sketches from power-house animators such as Kazuko Tadano, Hisashi Kagawa, Ikuko Itou, Shinya Hasegawa, Katsumi Nagai, and more.

It was a joy to scan in the pages and relive some of that Sailor Moon magic. Watching how these sketches brought to life such a timeless and amazing anime, is priceless. Enjoy everyone!

+ Sailor Moon Soldier IV (Vol. 1) – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
+ Small Soldier: Unmei no Deai (Vol. 2) – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
+ Selenity’s The Act of Animations (Vol. 3) Part 1 – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
+ Selenity’s The Act of Animations (Vol. 3) Part 2 – [ Download | View in Gallery ]
+ Lunatic Soldier: Eien no Chikai (Vol. 4) – [ Download | View in Gallery ]

Sailor Moon Soldier IV: Hyper Graphicers Vol. 1

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  1. Chibi says:

    You are amazing Lisa, thank you so much for your generosity!! Feel sad for your damaged book though ;_;

  2. E1 says:

    You are AMAZING.
    Thank you so so much

  3. 愛のワナ 三枝夕夏 IN db says:

    2009年8月に行われた「ぷりぷりお尻がいっぱい 秋の大運動会」で「チーム青・グラビアンツ」は完全優勝を果たした谷桃子ちゃん、伊藤えみちゃんや戸田れいちゃんの妹でBOMB12月号の「秋の味覚3姉妹 BOMBビジュアル文字 食べグラ」の三女で17歳の高校2年生だった村上友梨ちゃんは部活が終わってから自宅に帰ってきて冷蔵庫を開けるとケーキがいっぱいありました。それからショートケーキを食べる時に制服を脱いだら、友梨ちゃんが白とピンクやリボンのブラとショーツみたいだよねって「あれは蒼組のタニモモ姫とえみ姫、レイチェル姫は青の鉢巻きや水色の水着がセーラーマーキュリーみたいで、食べグラの三女でモンブランやシュークリームが大好物なゆりパイ姫は「亜美ちゃんの初恋だってIQの頭脳を持つ超マジメ少女でど圧力のFカップ巨乳は日本一だ❗️」と言いつけられました。

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