New & Rare Tsuki Kioku Doujinshi

One of the most beloved current Sailor Moon doujinshi artists is Hana Ame who operates under the circle of Tsuki Kioku. For the last few years, her beautiful artwork has captured the attention and hearts of Sailor Moon doujinshi fans globally. Her official site went offline recently, so I do not know if she intends to continue being active. It would be a shame if she retired; I hope not.

At the end of 2019, I got my hands on one of her last Sailor Moon doujinshi releases, which was an actual manga volume. She was releasing art books for a while, so getting a manga volume from her is rare and amazing. Her last manga volume "Yume no Tsuzuki," which focuses on the relationship of Chibi-Usa and Helios, is honestly one of the most popular Sailor Moon doujinshi ever written.

"4×4 Cross" operates within the same Sailor Moon universe that Hana Ame has created, but focuses on the four Inner Senshi guardians, and their relationship with the ever mysterious Shitennou. Please enjoy "4×4 Cross" by Hana Ame a.k.a. Tsuki Kioku!

Cross 4x4 by Tsuki Kioku Title: Cross 4×4
Author: Hana Ame
Circle: Tsuki Kioku
Gallery: Scanned || Download

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  1. Naty says:

    I love Sailor Moon and I love the work you do to preserve this art for so long. Thank you for making these beautiful images available to us. I wish you the best in life. Éxitos!

  2. rockets says:

    Thank you for your perseverance for a long time, it’s really admirable.为了亚美,干杯

  3. Lisa says:

    Dear Naty and Rockets,
    Thank you guys for your kind words! I’m glad you still enjoy the content here! =)

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