The Two “Sisters”

The two “sisters” (Izumi Rika and Azama Mew – they regard each other like sisters) met again! (The same photo is posted on the two girls’ blogs today.)

They have also found that Rika’s mom’s birthday is on the same day as Mew’s dad’s (they both used that as their blog entry titles). ^___^

Source: Rika Letter || Mew Myu

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting RC! =D We’ve launched!

  2. Rika-Chicchi says:

    The revamped site looks so great – love it very much! Thx Lisa for all your hard works on it! ^^

    Also looking forward to your completion of the revived Shingetsu site – it means so much for PGSM fans. T_T

    Just a heads up: the link tabs at the right of the frontpage banner only link back to the frontpage but not the respective pages they’re supposed to link to – the banner link itself works fine, tho.

  3. Lisa says:

    =D Haha. Thank you RC! I was crossing my fingers and hoping no one would notice that, but I guess its insanely obvious. It has something to do with the Javascript. I’m working on fixing that. Hopefully soon! Really hopefully!

    And I’ll try my best with Shingetsu. I want to see it back up and running too. I loved that site so much. =(

  4. Lisa says:

    RC! Finally fixed the link tabs on the front page! -cheers!-