Sapporo Collection 2010

Azama Mew to Model in Sapporo Collection 2010Azama Mew to model in Sapporo Collection 2010

Sapporo Collection 2010 takes place in Hokkaido and once again a PGSM actress is participating, but not the one you might expect. Izumi Rika took part in the fashion extravaganza in 2009, but it is Azama Mew who will be participating in this year’s show. The fashion event takes place on April 29, 2010.

Source: Official Sapporo Collection 2010

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  1. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Wow, her photo & blog link are placed at the top, 1st position on that Sapporo Collection page you linked! I always know she’s popular among young women there. ^^ I wish she could appear w/ Rika on the runway, tho. *dreaming again*

  2. Mike says:

    I visited the Sapporo Collection site every day for the past week in anticipation of them announcing the models, of course hoping that Rika would participate again. While disappointed that Rika won’t be participating this year, it was a pleasant surprise to find Mew listed among the models that are part of the event this year. And yes, it would have been amazing if Mew and Rika could be in the same show together. ^^

  3. Lisa says:

    OMG!! That’s so awesome! >__< GO MEW GO!!! I’m super excited about this. Can’t wait till it happens and a video gets posted online. =D I wonder if Rika will be in the audience to support her. That will be WAY cool.

    Thanks for posting this Robot…!!

  4. ameris says:

    whoa i didn’t know that ooooooh that’s way cool, that means she will be in two fashion shows this week, she’s also in the Fukuoka Asian collection show can’t wait to see her and i’m super happy she actually graced the cover for CanCam May issue all by herself YAYAYYAYA I LOVE MEW HAVE FOR SIX YEARS

  5. Lisa says:

    @ Ameris – WOW!! Are you serious?! I didn’t know that Mew snagged the cover of CanCam May. I can’t wait to see it! Been waiting forever for her to get a solo cover! I gotta pick it up when its out.

  6. ameris says:

    yes actually I’m waiting for CanCam to update on the new issue umm how bout this i’ll provide a link for people to see, hope it works, i felt the very same way for Azama mew i couldn’t believe it either, it goes to show you Azama mew is becoming hugely popular in CanCam well anyway apparently i had troube catching the link so i’ll explain it “go to “ and type in “CanCam 5, 2010 or just CanCam 2010. yeah they show the issues early so yeah hope this helps.

  7. Elly says:

    I love Mew’s haircut! She’s so pretty!

  8. ameris says:

    i also noticed that you guys don’t have any Scans of CanCam magazines if this helps i know a site that shows the whole entire magazines seriously you get to see the pics, to me it helps a whole lot because id i can’t afford it i can still see the whole enitre issue with out having to miss out but of course there’s nothing like having the actuall magazine. Lisa your in charge of this site right, this message is especially for you, I’m grateful you guys have this site i also know that i’m sure from time to time your life can be very busy so i thought with your permission i would like to help out by providing information on where you guys can find new pics of Azama mew. Please let me know i f you would like that it would mean a lot if you would consider. And again congratulations on this beautiful site

  9. Rika-Chicchi says:

    @Elly: She’s cut short her hair for some time now, & I like it, too! ^^

    And hurray for her getting the solo CanCam cover appearance – she’d never made that in her Seventeen era (nor her brief non-no era). And CanCam is a major mainstream fashion mag! As I’ve said above, she’s a popular model nowadays.

  10. Ameris says:

    Belive it or not Azama mew is going to be Gravure model or trying to be, check it out she has it listed on her blog seriously you’ll find it in Japanese Yahoo Auctions, and Azama mew Hatena!!!!

  11. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I’ve already notified Lisa about that earlier – hope she could get that widely circulated weekly. ^^

  12. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Here’s a glimpse of it:

  13. ameris says:

    this is an amazing step up for her whoa I’m so excited can’t wait to see her sexy side, the official site is at “ jp”. OMG ii’m soooo happy

  14. Lisa says:

    @RikaChicchi & @Ameris – I’ll try my best to pick up the issue. =( Thing is, I usually grab my magazines from Kinokuniya in San Francisco, so I don’t have to pay a $10 shipping fee from most online stores. But its the end of the semester, and making a trip out to the city is too much. I’m crossing my fingers that a local Japanese grocery story has the magazine, because I know they carry SOME weeklys, and lots of fashion mags. But I have no idea if they carry that one weekly in particular. I’ll keep a look out for it.

  15. ameris says:

    oh whoa good luck on that, but it’s amazing finally Azama mew is really going out there @_@

  16. Ameris says:

    Azama mew graced the cover of a fashion catalog called “LUAR” find it at “HATENA”

  17. Rika-Chicchi says:

    [Re: LUAR] I’ve found this:

    Anyone has got a larger pic of that? ^^

  18. Ameris says:

    omg i finally got the weekly post magazine, though there were only 4pics, three out of the four were gorgeous, i was expecting her in bikini’s but i guess not yet, does anyone know when Azama mew is going to officially be one the Gravure models?

  19. Rika-Chicchi says:

    lol I’ve never expected she’d don bikinis in it – while that weekly often features bikini-clad models, it’s not always so for all of its color pages. Personally I don’t think she’ll do any real gravure stuff – she’s already done that during her early teen years & has quitted it since then a looong time ago, & I can’t see how/why she’d do it again.

  20. Rika-Chicchi says:

    However, it’s still possible that she’d do swimsuit photos for CanCam, like what she’s done for Seventeen back then, but of course that’s very, very different from gravure. ; )

    BTW, some Japanese fans are like praying that Rika would do a summer swimsuit special on Ray – should that be realized, it’d be eye-popping, given her current body figure. lol

  21. ameris says:

    Well if you read on hatena there were talking about it, like i said of have the issue, they say she may do it or maybe work on it , and besides iv’e been a fan for sixyears i know what she has done in the past, why else would she appear for the weekly post considering her first page says “Gravure” beauty session

  22. Rika-Chicchi says:

    My guess is that the word “gravure” is used there w/ the very broad/general definition, hence not necessarily meaning the models concerned must automatically don a bikini, lingerie, & the like. Moreover, what those Japanese fans said on the net should only be taken w/ a grain of salt – during Rika’s long hiatus, they’ve said that she was preg, had become a delinquent, etc. lol

  23. Rika-Chicchi says:

    As an example of the broader, non-bikini definition of gravure, one can also consider the two calendars Mew has done in the past as gravure products, even tho she wore no bikinis, sexy nightgowns, etc. in them. ; )