Mew’s Solo CanCam Cover Appearance

After years of modelling, Azama Mew (Kino Makoto / Sailor Jupiter from PGSM) finally landed a solo cover appearance on a major mainstream fashion magazine – the May 2010 issue of CanCam! It is her very first time accomplishing that on a fashion magazine – she had not done that even during her Seventeen and brief Non-no days. Congrats Mew Mew!

Thank you Ameris for the heads-up about this news. ^___^

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  1. ameris says:

    UR most welcome Lisa glad to have helped ^_^ i also have pics of Azama mew in RyuRyu catalog that i would like to share with you guys but the problem is i don’t know how to post them can some one help me out???

  2. ameris says:

    I also found out Azama has been modeling in a wedding magazine called “Shizuoka” it took me two years to find out the actual title, Laughs. The cool part part is she’s graced the cover all on her own in several issues that i saw. Including last year and this year but again i don’t know where to find photo’s i do have one that was posted on some ones blog. She’s looks gorgeous in her red stunning gown ^___^

  3. Lisa says:

    @ Rika-Chicchi – Thanks RC for posting this!!

    @ Ameris – Thank you for giving us the heads-up that Mew is on the cover of CanCam.

    She looks gorgeous! I feel so happy for her. I bet she must feel a great sense of accomplishment right now. =)

    I’m in a bit of a hurry right now, ‘cuz I’m working on my midterm project that’s due tomorrow. I’ll come back and answer any questions later. Talk to you guys later!

  4. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Just wanna share this – Mew’s own thoughts about it on her blog:

    Of course, she’s very happy about it – congrats again, happy girl! ^^

  5. Ameris says:

    though not alone Azama mew has appeared on the cover of CanCam for there July issue, There are five girls in total, Azama mew being one of them. WAY 2GO MEW!!!,

  6. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Also, expect to see her in bikinis (!?) in the Hawaii special in the Aug. issue on sale next month! She hasn’t done something like that since the similar Hawaii swimsuit special on her former fashion mag Seventeen. (It’s not gravure stuff, of course. lol )

  7. ameris says:

    is that really true??? has mew mentioned it????

  8. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Yup, she’s mentioned that on her blog. ^^ She didn’t say explicitly that she dons bikinis in it, tho.

  9. Ameris says:

    Just a question i was wondering if any one as Non-no June issue 2007 because that was da issue Azama mew appeared in bikinis either June or July does anyone own it???? or knows were to find scans????

  10. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I dunno about that & would like to see it myself. ^^

  11. Ameris says:

    ya should check out this awesome new layout of Azama mew at ( Tumblr.) dis persons posts have pretty cool pics of Azama mew. Just type in da name Azama in da search bar

  12. Rika-Chicchi says:

    ^ I don’t have an a/c there. ^^;

  13. Ameris says:

    u dont need one to c da persons post

  14. Rika-Chicchi says:

    ^ Thx for the tip – nice pics. ^^

  15. Ameris says:

    yea its nice to c more fans of Azama,

  16. Ameris says:

    wait are u talkin bout da Azama mew pics at Tumblr??????

  17. Rika-Chicchi says:

    ^ Yeah, of course.

  18. Ameris says:

    azama mew and two other cancam models appeared at da Inception movie premier. Azama looks stunning in da blue sexy dress

  19. Ameris says:

    i waz wondering will lisa post da pics??

  20. ameris says:

    expect to see Azama mew in Girls Award Autumn/Winter 2010 and profile

  21. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Any links for that?

  22. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I guess you meant this address:

    But thx for your heads up – it’s a big fashion event! ^^

    Too bad Rika is still too green to be listed there, but I see one Chinese model in the list.

  23. ameris says:

    sorry not much of a Rika fan at all but wat ever so yup glad 2c mew in other fashion event

  24. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I hope she could get an award or something in it. ^^

  25. ameris says:

    u ikno i love her
    ya should check out Cancam October mew rocks

  26. ameris says:

    ya ikno i love her
    ya should check out Cancam October mew rocks

  27. ameris says:

    Azama mew is on the cover of CANAM NOVEMBER 2010

  28. Rika-Chicchi says:

    And her blog entry about that: