Senshi Reunion, with Keiko!!

After their PGSM days, the five Senshi actresses have always kept their bonds with each other, even to this day. And a number of Senshi reunions have been continuously held over the years; Not to mention their keeping in touch over the net. However, due to the ascending of Kitagawa Keiko (Hino Rei / Sailor Mars in PGSM) toward A-list artist status, and her resultant heavy workloads, she has been missing in the Senshi reunions for more than half year. So her presence in the one held the night before yesterday is miraculous – Especially as it was organized within a short notice. I think the five busy girls have constantly cross-matched their schedules to squeeze out some precious time slots to meet; Hence their often hurriedly planned meetings.

Unlike their previous reunions, they have only posted the same/similar photo (in various sizes) on their respective blogs this time. So enjoy this largest one, as usual, posted by Izumi Rika (Mizuno Ami / Sailor Mercury in PGSM). ^___^

P.S. – Did they deliberately match their clothing colors? LOL

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting RC!! I think its pretty amazing that 6 years after the show ended, they’re still hanging out together. That almost never happens in the entertainment industry. People work together and move on. But the entire main cast of PGSM stayed life long best friends! That’s incredible.

  2. Rika-Chicchi says:

    I agree – their still keeping in touch throughout all these years is quite rare in the industry. I always think they must’ve built up their strong bonds right during their working on PGSM – maybe something difficult had happened at the time & they had to deal w/ it together. I’m especially curious about Ayaka, since, unlike the other 4 girls, she had never been a Sailor Moon fan & she worked less together w/ them on the PGSM set due to the design of her Minako character (which in turn might have something to do w/ her peculiar personal situations at the time, e.g. she had to commute for long distances/hours to work on the set), but she nonetheless is often the most vocal (& sentimental) on her blog on matters concerning PGSM & the other 4 girls.

    It’s not uncommon to have two cast members building up a life-long relationship after working together on a production, but all 5? That’s like a miracle I’d say!

    Maybe it’s the power of the Silver Crystal? Or, unbeknownst to themselves, they might actually be the Senshi in their past incarnations? XD

  3. Henry says:

    Yes, it’s a joy to see them at five together, their friendship is very sincere and tender, they’ll be together forever

  4. Annisa says:

    That is so sweet! Thanks for being so quick and updating us RC. I love these girls. The main reason I still follow them is because they have this great friendship. They really care and so, I care. Otherwise, I think I would have given up 4 years ago. :)

  5. Elly says:

    Wow, that’s so amazing! I had no idea that they all kept in touch. The scheduling must be really hard to pull off!

  6. Manou says:

    That’s so great !
    I didin’t know they were still so close !
    Thanks for sharing this !


  7. Duckhams says:

    PGSM’s long dead :( but I still visit this site once in a while to remember PGSM and to see other pics :) Keep it up!!

  8. Rika-Chicchi says:

    ^ Thank you for your support for PGSM & its Senshi actresses. ^^ While yes, PGSM has ended long ago, its Senshi actresses are still working hard on their careers, schoolworks, or both, & it’s fascinating that they still meet one another nowadays (tho it’s rarer to have all 5 together these days) & consider themselves close friends to each other.