Rika Is Engaged!

Among the five PGSM Senshi girls, Izumi Rika (Mizuno Ami / Sailor Mercury), the youngest among them, is the first one to be engaged! What a surprise – I have always thought the first one would be Kitagawa Keiko (Hino Rei / Sailor Mars)! She has not announced her wedding date yet, nor has she mentioned about her fiance – I am eager to know who the lucky guy is! Anyway, my big congrats to our Senshi of Water and Intellect! ^___^

Source: Rika Letter

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  1. Lisa says:

    o__o I was freaking out for a moment, and then saw the April Fool’s tag. OMG. – relief-

  2. Rika-Chicchi says:

    lol It’s actually HER prank, not mine – at most I was just collaborating w/ her. : P