Rare Seiya & Usagi Sketch

I stumbled across this hella cute sketch of Seiya Kou and Tsukino Usagi while flipping through an ancient issue of Animage magazine! I had never seen this sketch before, but knew immediately that the image was no fan art. Animage featured an 18 page tribute to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, titled “Sayonara Sailor Moon,” because the long-running anime was officially ending that month. To express her personal gratitude for the series, one of the show’s key animators and character designers Tamegai Katsumi, submitted this sketch into the magazine.

Many of you are definitely familiar with Tamegai Katsumi’s work. Aside from animating numerous arc episodes of the anime, she also had sketches that were published in official books of Sailor Moon. Towards the very back of the Sailor Moon Volume 16 manga, is a detailed sketch of Seiya Kou by Tamegai Katsumi. She also illustrated a delicate and colorful image of Seiya, that was published in Takeuchi Naoko’s Infinity Artbook.

Finding this sketch of Seiya Kou and Tsukino Usagi really made my week. I’ve known for a long time that there are tons of character sketches and designs, that fans of Sailor Moon have never seen. Either because the makers decided not to release them, or because it was published in an obscure place. I’m really happy to have found this sketch. If you want to add this Seiya and Usagi sketch to your own collection, its in the March 1997 issue of Animage magazine (Volume 225), published in February 1997.

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  1. Brad says:

    GREAT FIND! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  2. chibi says:

    Oh! I’ve seen this one before actually, but it wasn’t from the March 1997 issue of Animage magazine- because I haven’t seen that mag at all XD I think it was at the back of one of the Sailor moon manga… which was in Chinese..

  3. Lisa says:

    @ Brad – No problem Brad! Glad ya liked it! =D

    @ Chibi – O__O WOW!! REALLY?!! I have a set of the Chinese Sailor Moon manga, but it was published by a company called “Comics World” for Hong Kong, and the contents were the same as the Japanese manga, except well, in Chinese. BUT– I also have a set of Chinese Sailor Stars manga, that was pubished by another Chinese company called “KiKi’s Comics” (I think). ;__; I haven’t checked that manga at all. Argh. Its at home. I’ll definitely check the back of those Chinese manga tonight. Maybe I’ll find more interesting things in it. Thanks for the amazing tip Chibi! =D

  4. Lisa says:

    Okay! I finally got home and just checked the Chinese Sailor Moon comics that I have from “KiKi’s Comics,” but didn’t find it either. =( “KiKi’s Comics” is the same as the Japanese ones too. But there are a lot of Chinese speaking regions and countries, so it might be published in another version. Talk about obscure. @__@

    But thanks for the information anyway! It was worth a try, trying to track it down! =D

  5. Jim says:

    Great! i love sketches made by character designers. My favourite is Ikuko Itoh. If you own that “Sayonara Sailor Moon” special issue, could you upload it, please?

  6. Elly says:

    Thanks for sharing! This stuff is seriously adorable, cute overload!!

  7. Lisa says:

    @ Jim – Hey Jim! I will scan in the “Sayonara Sailor Moon” issue, when I have more time. Honestly though, the article is mostly text. Like, 18 pages filled with small text. It has interviews with Sailor Moon’s directors, and short interviews with all the voice actresses of the Sailor Moon characters; including the Starlights’ voice actresses. There are little to no pictures with the article though. I was hoping to ask other sites, if they wanted to translate it eventually. But haven’t given much thought into yet.

    “Sayonara Sailor Moon” is actually Part 2, of ANIMAGE’s tribute to Sailor Moon’s finale. Part 1 is actually in ANIMAGE February 1997 issue (Vol. 224). Still trying to track down that issue, but no luck though. =(

    @ Elly – EEELLLLLLYYYYYY!!! -hug hug!- I’m glad you like it! >__< I thought it was amazingly cute too!! Wish it was a full drawing with color and stuff, but still so adorable!

  8. Elly says:

    I’m a total glutton for punishment. If you wanted to send those 18 pages of small text to me (so long as it’s not to small to read, of course), I’d totally take on translating all the interviews and such in Sayonara Sailormoon. It may take some time to get done, but I’d get it done…eventually. xD

  9. Chibi says:

    Ah, so it wasn’t in it? :/ hmmm!! I wonder where I saw it from >___< (And I was referring to the HK ones too by Comic World)

    One day..I shall remember… *thinks*

  10. Lisa says:

    @ Elly – Holy Elly! You ARE a glutton for punishment! XD You’re taking on so much already!! Haha. That’ll totally be no problem though. (Although, I must say that you’re really brave!) I’ll iron out the crinkles on the pages, scan ‘em in, and send it to you soon. =) You’re hella awesome for doing this Elly!! <3 <3 -muah!-

    @ Chibi – Haha. Its okay! I do that too. I forget certain things that I think I totally positively remember. -huggles- Thank you for trying to help me track that down though! Maybe we’ll both come in contact with it some day!

  11. Jim says:

    @ Lisa: Thanks, Lisa-san.