Mika Ninagawa has attitude…

…and apparently so does Keiko Kitagawa (22). I’m SUCH a Mika Ninagawa fangirl. She’s one of my favorite Asian photographers, next to Leslie Kee—both of whom I really wanted to photograph Keiko. So when Keiko blogged about the amazing, talented, photographic color genius, Ninagawa— I nearly died! Drawing inspiration from the 60s pop art movement with bold colors and big hair, Ninagawa transformed her into quite the character. I’m impressed; almost didn’t recognize her! O_O

While it’s definitely not the style for everyone (and Ninagawa is never concerned about that) as a fan of graphic design, pop art, and (almost) all things photographically over the top this photo shoot turned out really well. I sincerely hope they collaborate in the future; we could eventually be looking at a full fledge photo book!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting Sade! I’m testing out the controls and image posting stuff. I’ll get those thumbnails to work for you! No worries! Just you wait and see! =D

  2. Sade says:

    oh crap! u got it to work?!! how did u DO that?!

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