Azama Mew Snags “CanCam” Cover!

I was bored last night and did some snooping on CanCam magazine’s server. By accident I stumbled upon a screen capture of a video and discovered that our lovely Azama Mew will be gracing the cover of CanCam’s March 2011 issue! Congratulations Mew! This will be the third time she models the cover alone. She looks BEAUTIFUL. There is also a video that interviews Azama Mew about snagging the cover. And it takes you behind the scenes of the magazine’s photoshoot with Mew. CanCam does not have that video public yet, so I won’t post it until they do. Mew is now one of the top models at CanCam. Go Mew!

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  1. ameris says:

    Correction if I may but it’s actually her third cover
    her first solo cover was cancam`s may issue of 2010
    her second was on november issue of 2010
    now looking more beautiful then ever again is her third
    go Azama mew the most beautiful CanCam. Model

  2. Lisa says:

    =D You’re right, Ameris! I don’t know why I forgot about that issue completely. I just kept thinking of her other issues that she was on the cover (with someone else) like the January one, but completely forgot about the November one. Thanks for the correction! I’ll edit it in the entry. And yes, I totally agree. She’s smokin’ hot these days.

  3. ameris says:

    Honestly when I found out she was on them cover my jaw dropped and n stood wide open. For years I’ve been waiting for a moment like this she is beautiful n very attractive on her thrid cover. Did you that she wants to be popular as ebi-chan she looks up to her.
    so umm…how were u able to get that pic of mew from the video because I couldn’t find it on canccam I would really. Apprieate it if you could tell me.

  4. Chibi says:

    waahh..she looks so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing these with us :3
    Love your updates!

  5. Lisa says:

    Here Ameris! CanCam finally has the video up!
    The cover is up too!

  6. Rika-Chicchi says:

    Now that she’s become the face of CanCam, that’s great for her! ^^

  7. Rika-Chicchi says:

    She’s just blogged about it:

  8. ameris says:

    Also Azama mew is going to be on the cover of Cancam’s June 2011 issue can’t wait to see her shine again love her so much.

  9. ameris says:

    Azama mew and three other models are on the cover for April 2011 Cancam Yay for Azama mew can’t wait to see her on June’s issue

  10. SOUL LOVE GLAY says:


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