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Izumi Rika Hosted a TV Show This Week

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

After more than five years since PGSM, Izumi Rika (formerly known as Hama Chisaki) appeared on a TV show again this week! It is a primetime mini sports show aired on TV Asahi from Monday to Friday this week, and she taught yoga in it. ^_^

The introduction clip ripped from Easy Sports’ Official Site:

Watch video here. | Download here.

A footage of the show (courtesy of  Valentino for his permission to direct-link it from his own server): Download here. A footage of her last installment of the show (courtesy of Valentino): Download here.

This is originally meant to be the caps of Azama Mew’s morning program today, with the caps of Rika’s show placed at the bottom as a secondary thing only, but what the poster commented makes Rika’s the centerpiece of his post: Image here. I don’t feel like translating it here. ^_^;

That’s all for now – I’ll keep you posted on anything new about Izumi Rika. =)