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Throughout the years, we have received questions of every kind in our inboxes. Compiled is a short list of the most commonly asked subjects, which we hope may help you. If you don't find what you are looking for here, please feel free to shoot us an email!

What is is a site that dabbles in all forms of Sailor Moon media. Although, we must admit: We're most famous for providing the internet with Sailor Moon scans. Archiving high-quality images and galleries are our specialty.

Are all the images in your gallery scanned in by Three Lights?

Yes and no. We scanned in all the images in the gallery. The only images we didn't scan in, are the official digital photos that are archived in the "Internet Pictorials" section.

What is your crediting and image usage policy?

Its really easy. We don't expect you to credit. Three Lights exists to spam the internet with high-quality Sailor Moon images. So if people are taking the images, then that's totally awesome! The ONLY thing we ask, is for people not to lie and say they scanned in the images themselves, when they did not.

What is your gallery operated on?

Three Light's gallery is designed and built around Coppermine's photo gallery application. Makes it so easy to manage the images.

How about your blog? What is that operated on?

Three Light's blog is proudly powered by Wordpress. It is seriously one of the best blog platforms.

I like the look of your site. Where can I download the skin?

Three Light's current layout, is completely designed and engineered to fit our updates perfectly. Lisa designed this whole site in Adobe Photoshop, before cutting it out, hand coding it in Dreamweaver, and integrating the site in with Coppermine and Wordpress. You won't find this skin anywhere.

Can you have Lisa design a layout for me?

ONLY if you bribe Lisa with something: Like money or a sports car. Hahaha. Kidding! But seriously, layouts take a lot of time to design. Maybe in the future, Three Lights can produce custom Sailor Moon themed skins for everyone. Wordpress anyone?

Can I request scans from Three Lights?

Sure you can! Just as long as you don't ask for a million scans. One or two small periodicals are usually okay. Bigger items like photobooks with 100+ pages, might take a while to scan and edit. But if we have the object in question, we'll try our best to scan it for you.

What scanner do you use to scan in your images?

We skip around two scanners: one really old one, and one kinda new one. HP Scanjet 3670 is the older scanner, which we're gradually phasing out now. Canon Lide 100 is the newer scanner. Small, light, produces great scans, and really cheap. Best scanner ever.

Will Three Lights be around forever? will be around for as long as we can maintain it. The day when we can't anymore, we will happily pass this site onto someone else.

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