Site History

Of all the things that have been said about, the one that rings exceptionally true is that we're awesome. We have lived in this corner of the internet for over eight years now, developing a unique personality, and creating our own history. Check us out.

Past Featured Updates

Within our sea of updates, there are a few that we feel are especially dear to the Sailor Moon community. These special updates were featured in a highlighted area on the site's home page. But just in case you missed it, we've archived them in this little section. Have fun browsing through 'em.

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Past Website Layouts is well known for wearing colorful and pretty layouts. The site's creator is an aspiring web designer, and have used as a guinea pig for her sudden innovations. Screen captures of past layouts are featured in this corner. Take a peek at our physical history.

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FAQs and History

If you are curious about, maybe our small FAQ and History section can help out. Compiled is a short list of the most commonly asked questions from the site's visitors. Please read through 'em and if your question isn't answered, then shoot an email our way!

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Meet the Staff Members

I don't know why anyone would want to meet the dorks behind But if you do, we've posted our little bios in here, with incriminating pictures and boring facts about ourselves. We're pretty scary. So be warned.

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Donation Drive

Please help raise funds for a new computer! Read more here!