I Am Sailor Moon

"Your voice, your face, your body all show me that you need help. I turn into the one and only Sailor Moon with Crystal Power. Call me, I will come near, and you will see me. Please, hold me, kiss me a little bit. Look, in old times there was that white moon. Here, shining in silver, was a secret palace. Deep in the corner of my heart, the flower of the future blooms. After a short time, I discovered the Earth's memory key. I'm knocking...!"

^.~ Hello. This is my random "stuff" section. I'll be tossing occassional things in here: Live Journal Icons, wallpapers, aim icons, gallery etc. of Three Lights, Pretty Guardian, Sailor Stars, or other stuff. Everything is free for taking for your use. And if you're planning to use them for your website, unless I give you permission to, please credit me. ^____^ I hope you enjoy them.

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This is my mini gallery. XD I'm WAY to lazy to open a website to solely host pictures so I'm just randomly tossing pictures I think are special, or that I like in here. DO NOT DIRECT LINK THESE!!! ;-; Or I'll feel hurt.

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Pretty Guardian
Sailor Mercury Doll

^___^ Oi. This is the Sailor Mercury doll created for the Pretty Guardian series. The hair is a soft sky blue color. It comes with a pair of small white gloves for the doll, with a blue collar, and a small jewelry watch. It also comes with a plastic stand so your doll may stand up straight. I got this at Atamaii.com.