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..oo**Three Lights
Welcome to, a website dedicated to organizing one of the largest Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon galleries online. You'll find mostly scans, mp3s, and even video clips here. ^_^ We also try our best to bring you the latest info on the PGSM actresses. Please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, just send a email!
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Shingetsu Genvid
Nagareboshi Moon. F.
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Dum dum dum dum! Have you ever wondered about the personalities behind ^.^ Wonder no more! Take a stroll behind-the-scenes! We promise we won't bite.... Well, maybe Lisa will... Just feed her and she'll go away.
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..oo**Lisa's Cribs is Lisa's personal site. ^__^ She saw that so many webmistresses have their own personal site, and she didn't! So in jealousy, Lisa made a personal site for herself. YAY! A place for her to be evil. Beware.

Illusions is a little website that was put together for Japanese Sci-fi scan images. There are scans for Cutie Honey, Devil Man, Kamen Rider, Deka Ranger, etc. Its a small cozy site. =)

Full Blossom is a Hana Kimi website that was made on LJ. ^__^ Its relatively new, but Lisa's working hard on it. If you have a LJ and is a Hana Kimi fan, you should add it to your friends' list. is a collection of fanlistings for BoA's songs. Can download music and such too. =) If you're a BoA fan, please come join! ^__^ Support BoA!!

Ogura Yuko is a idol that is rapidly becoming an icon for Japanese pop culture. =) So Lisa opened up a fanlisting, gallery, news, thingymajigy fan site for her. Enjoy!

..oo**PGSM Links
Shingetsu // ^.^ One of the coolest and hottest PGSM sites on the net. Its made by Nae, Wasurenagausa and Andrea from, so its definately worth checking out. Also, they have a very detailed episode summary section, article translations, and screen cap gallery. Definately worth your time.
Genvid Project // This is the best Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon coverage site I have been to yet. If you want news, analyzation and images of Pretty Guardian this is the best site for it. *-* I hang around the forum too.
Sailor Dream // ^.^ This is a great info site. When I'm curious about a specific PGSM product or anything like that, I go straight to this site and sure enough, the information is there. The webmistress does a great job at keeping up with everything being released in the PGSM world.
Bright Light -'s Fanlisting // Oh my gawd... ;__; I'm so touched! Lauren actually made us a fanlisting. Waaaaaahhhhh... /).(\ I never thought us worthy enough to have one! Thank you SO much Lauren!
Serecindra's Sailor Moon Live // This is an awesome site for episode summaries and such. She has detailed episode summaries plus screen caps to go along with them. =) I come here to read up on episodes that I haven't seen yet.
Moonlight Fortune // This PGSM website is owned by one of my awesome hostees, Sakuya. The site provides some very detailed info regarding the character costumes, products, etc. ^.~ REALLY cool site.
Nagareboshi // ^_____^ This PGSM website is made by a super talented webmistress name Lisa. Her layout is super cute and she has compiled quite a adorable gallery. She also keeps up to date with PGSM previews.
Picture Perfect // Wow! This website is a joy of graphics! If you like wallpapers or graphics featuring the cast from PGSM, then look no further! Webmistress Nicole is a wonderful graphic designer and has opened a website at your service! Go and check it out!
Eternally Sailor Moon // ^__^ This is an awesome Sailor Moon site that has many different versions of Sailor Moon on it. It has an awesome collection of LJ icons, wallpaper, and a bunch of other media. Has a lot of info, PLUS a PGSM quiz you can take too! Go challenge yourself. ^.~
Kibu no Tenshi // A PGSM site for those of you in France! This is a site completely in French and offers a lot of wallpapers, icons, avatars, and even photoshop brushes for PGSM. =) VERY user friendly and VERY worth your time!
Pretty Guardian Fanlisting // ^.^ Oi oi. This is a really cool Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fanlisting. The webmistress changes her layout about once every month. Go join if you're a fan!
New Moon Guardians // This site has a VERY good gallery. The webmistress compiled a lot of images of the actresses and the show. Its super organized too!
Junketsu - Rebirth // ^.~ Oi! This site used to be Eternal White Princess and is a wonderful site! It has great monthly downloads for MP3s and videos of PGSM. Great site to visit for dial-up folks who can't use bittorent. =)
The Sailor Moon Pocky Box // I bet many of you remember a Sailor Moon review website by the Amazon Quartet. =) Following in their foot steps, these gifted webmistress decided to form a review site to review many of the PGSM sites out there! It has many guides up to show how to run a smooth website. =) has also been rated there!
Azama Myuu Palace // This is the most kick-ass Azama Myuu fan site yet! It includes a collection of stunning layouts, all featuring the actress. It has galleries, information, media, etc. =) WONDERFUL site for any Myuu fans!!!!
Ballads and Bows // ^__^ Wow. I haven't seen a site like this yet. It specializes in reviewing the songs and background music of PGSM. A VERY unique idea! Not only that, it has an AWESOME layout with a stellar staff. ^.~ Go check it out!
PGSM Live Action Karaoke Files // ^.~ This is a neat little website created by Steph. The website includes many files which includes the lyrics plus the timing in which the lyric appears in the song. Just like a karaoke! VERY worth your time if you enjoy singing the songs of PGSM.
Which PGSM Character Are You? // ^___^ This is a personality quiz. You know the type you see floating around LJ, asking which character you are? This one is for PGSM. A very fun game to past time.
Senshis R Us // ^___^ Hello! This is a new PGSM site to the scene. Currently, its filled with Sailor Moon anime, but soon, it will be adding a lot more PGSM things to the site. So check it out!
C'est la Vie // Heya! ^.~ This is a new PGSM website to the scene. Started up by two HK girls, this site shows a lot of potential as a good fansite to visit. They have photos, downloads and a whole lot of other goodies. So check it out!
Magical Senshi // Wai! Super new to the PGSM scene, this site with much potential is prepared to service you with a PGSM animated icons, gallery, and info. ^.~ Check it out!
Sailor Moon & Friends // ^__^ This website looks to be a new one! It features both BSSM and PGSM in it's content. And has midis too!
Rina // Wai! This is probably the BEST Koike Rina fan site online. Included are galleries dedicated to her, bio, media, etc. ^.~ Plus, very cute layout too! TOTALLY worth your time! Go look!
Arctic Knight Productions // Wowo! This guy makes absolutely the BEST PGSM music videos out there. Known far and wide as a wonderful director, Arctic Knight's music videos are constantly passed around bittorent, forums, etc. If you haven't seen one of this music videos yet, you're missing out!
..oo**BSSM Links
Sera Myu Magic! // ^.^ This is for the Sera Myu fans. This site really caught my attention by using the four generals on the layout of the website. I never seen anyone do that. Plus it has a pretty cool Sera Myu gallery too! // is the premiere music site for Sailor Moon music online. ^.~ I look up to this site for a lot of my info and lyrics. Its a really huge site, so if you like music, what you can't find here, you can probably find there. // This is the largest shrine online dedicated to the Sailor Starlights. I love this site because well, Starlight Locket started out to promote the music of Sailor Stars only (but we've expanded since). So if you're a Starlight fan, check this one out.
Sailor Moon Experience // This is a fansite for Sailor Moon. If you want to look for other Sailor Moon sites, this is the place to go. The webmistress set up one of the largest linkage pages for Sailor Moon sites I know.
Neo Moon Kingdom // If you've never seen the anime, and want to know what happened in the series, then this site can provide you a lot of the summaries of the episodes. It was one of the first site online to do so. ^.^
Liquid Diamonds // This is one of my favorite sites of all time. The webmistress here took her Sailor Moon artbooks, tore them apart so she can make REALLY REALLY excellent scans for people to use online. If you want manga scans, look no further than here. Its the best site you'll ever go to. // Fanfic fan? Moon Romance is the largest Sailor Moon fanfic site out there. They have been opened for years, and have accumulated over 10,000 Sailor Moon fanfics. VERY worth checking out on a night when you're bored, with no cash for movies or books. ^.^
..oo**Misc Links
Yuki's Misc // The webmistress here has been with me from the beginning. She never fails to report a broken link on Starlight Locket. Go look at her randomness. // Most of the traffic for Starlight Locket comes from here. This site is an extremely large linkage to many of the anime sites online. Every anime fan should bookmark this. // Wowo. Live Journal is kinda random to put up here, but I do hang around here a lot. Most of the Sailor Moon cosplayers run around here too. My user name is Taiki_Kou. If you're ever on LJ, stop by.
Kinokuniya // ^.^ Okay! Everyone has been asking me, where did I buy the magazines, manga, photobooks and such. The answer is Kinokuniya. Its the most awesome place and I'm SO very happy that there is one located about 100 miles away from where I live. ( ^.^ I drive there every week.) They sell their magazines and books for practically the retail value of what they sell it in Japan. And if you order off of their website in the U.S., shipping will be like $4 bucks only.
CD Japan // CDJapan is a great place when you want to go shopping for the latest Japanese music. It sells original albums, laser discs, dvds, calendars, toys, etc of Sailor Moon.
JPQueen // JPQueen has a very good selection of CDs, Manga, Doujinshi, and other miscellaneous items of Sailor Moon for sale.
YesAsia // YesAsia used to only sell the Chinese VCDs for Sailor Moon, but lately, they've been picking up on selling the japanese DVDs of Sailor Moon. They're now also selling soundtracks and items of PGSM. // What better place to shop than directly from Japan? If you have the code of the CD, just type it in, and the CD would pop up. Great place to look for any Japanese item.
Ebay // Who can forget Ebay? Its my #1 stop for my Sailor Moon collection actually. Type in "sailor moon cd" and a variety of them usually pop up. You should also check out All Anime Japan on Ebay. *-* I LUFF that store. They have a LOT of Sailor Moon cards, CDs, and toys there. ^____^ Just type in "sailor cd" in the search engine.
Anime Castle // Anime Castle sell mostly bootleg Sailor Moon CDs. But if you can't afford the $30 dollar Japanese import ones, this can a great alternative.