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..oo**Three Lights
Welcome to, a website dedicated to organizing one of the largest Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon galleries online. You'll find mostly scans, mp3s, and even video clips here. ^_^ We also try our best to bring you the latest info on the PGSM actresses. Please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, just send a email!
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Sailor Moon is created
by Naoko Takeuchi
LTD., Japan
Kodansha Animation
"Dreaming of You"
lyrics by Selena.
Page created by Lisa.

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Dum dum dum dum! Have you ever wondered about the personalities behind ^.^ Wonder no more! Take a stroll behind-the-scenes! We promise we won't bite.... Well, maybe Lisa will... Just feed her and she'll go away.
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..oo**Lisa's Cribs is Lisa's personal site. ^__^ She saw that so many webmistresses have their own personal site, and she didn't! So in jealousy, Lisa made a personal site for herself. YAY! A place for her to be evil. Beware.

Illusions is a little website that was put together for Japanese Sci-fi scan images. There are scans for Cutie Honey, Devil Man, Kamen Rider, Deka Ranger, etc. Its a small cozy site. =)

Full Blossom is a Hana Kimi website that was made on LJ. ^__^ Its relatively new, but Lisa's working hard on it. If you have a LJ and is a Hana Kimi fan, you should add it to your friends' list. is a collection of fanlistings for BoA's songs. Can download music and such too. =) If you're a BoA fan, please come join! ^__^ Support BoA!!

Ogura Yuko is a idol that is rapidly becoming an icon for Japanese pop culture. =) So Lisa opened up a fanlisting, gallery, news, thingymajigy fan site for her. Enjoy!

..oo**LJ Icons
[ Love ]
[ Lights ]
[ Friends ]
[ Kiss Me ]
[ Elegance ]
[ Velvet ]
[ Sailor Moon ]
[ Sailor Saturn ]
[ Seiya Kou ]
[ Yaten Kou ]
[ Taiki Kou ]
[ Kakyuu Hime ]
[ Uranus & Neptune ]
[ Chibi Chibi ]
[ Sailor Galaxia ]
[ Take My Breath Away ]
[ Silence ]
[ Strength ]
[ Reflection ]
[ Fallen ]
[ Stronger ]
[ Hero ]
[ Blue ]
[ Destiny ]
[ Together ]
[ Goodbye ]
[ Moon Princess ]
[ Tears ]
^.^ The following icons were made by Mao. Aren't they SOOOOOO freakin' cute? =) She donated these to the site. Thank you SO much Mao!! They're gorgeous!
[ Venus ]
[ Animated Venus ]
[ Pluto ]
[ Animated Pluto ]
[ Saturn ]
[ Animated Saturn ]