Fire Soul Love

"A scar from the past aches. When time passes, it fades... I'm not used to living a lie. It's breaking the body. My necklace came off in the city. I wasn't alone when I lost it... Throwing off my decorated clothes, I give a graceful fighting pose to you.

When the evil times come and the villain gets distressful, we all stay connected by our fire soul love destiny... Never give in to the bad. Never never never. She is Sailormars...."

^.~ Hello. This is my random "stuff" section. I'll be tossing occassional things in here: Live Journal Icons, wallpapers, aim icons, gallery etc. of Three Lights, Pretty Guardian, Sailor Stars, or other stuff. Everything is free for taking for your use. And if you're planning to use them for your website, unless I give you permission to, please credit me. ^____^ I hope you enjoy them.

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This is my mini gallery. XD I'm WAY to lazy to open a website to solely host pictures so I'm just randomly tossing pictures I think are special, or that I like in here. DO NOT DIRECT LINK THESE!!! ;-; Or I'll feel hurt.

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PGSM Magazines

Before Oct. 2003

Bidan September 2001
Up To Boy January 2002
Playboy Weekly January 16th 2002
Love Berry February 2002
Love Berry April 2002
LaVaNa Idol May 2002
Bomb Idol June 2002
Bomb Idol October 2002
Seventeen November 1st 2002
Up To Boy December 2002
Bomb Idol February 2003
Pure Pure April 2003
Seventeen April 1st 2003
Melon Fashion June 2003
Pure Pure June 2003
Seventeen June 15th 2003
CANDy Fashion July 2003
Melon Fashion July 2003
Pichi Lemon July 2003
Melon August 2003
Pure Pure August 2003
Seventeen August 1st 2003
CANDy Fashion September 2003
Melon Fashion September 2003
Love Berry October 2003
Melon Fashion October 2003

November 2003

Bomb Idol November 2003
CANDy Fashion November 2003
Melon Fashion November 2003
Newtype the Live November 2003
Sabra Men's Mag November 2003
Seventeen November 1st 2003
Seventeen November 15th 2003
Uchusen November 2003
Up To Boy November 2003

December 2003

Audition December 2003
Bomb Idol December 2003
Melon Fashion December 2003
Seventeen December 1st 2003

January 2004

CANDy Fashion January 2004
Melon Fashion January 2004
Newtype the Live January 2004
Seventeen January 1st 2004
Uchusen January 2004
Up To Boy January 2004
Young Jump January 15th 2004

February 2004

Bomb Idol February 2004
Gakushuu Youchien February 2004
Hyper Hobby February 2004
Melon Fashion February 2004
Otomodachi February 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei February 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei Special 2004
Shogaku Ninen'sei February 2004
Up To Boy February 2004

March 2004

Bomb Idol March 2004
CANDy Fashion March 2004
Melon Fashion March 2004
Newtype the Live March 2004
Otomodachi March 2004
Seventeen March 1st 2004
Seventeen March 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei March 2004
Shogaku San Nen'sei March 2004
Tanoshii Youchien March 2004
Uchusen March 2004
Up To Boy March 2004

April 2004

Hyper Hobby April 2004
Love Berry Fashion April 2004
Melon Fashion April 2004
Otomodachi April 2004
Sabra Men's Mag April 2004
Seventeen April 1st 2004
Seventeen April 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei April 2004
Shogakukan Youchien April 2004
Tanoshii Youchien April 2004

May 2004

CANDy Fashion May 2004
Hyper Hobby May 2004
Junon Entertainment May 2004
Love Berry Fashion May 2004
Melon Fashion May 2004
Newtype the Live May 2004
Otomodachi May 2004
Seventeen May 1st 2004
Seventeen May 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei May 2004
Shogakukan Youchien May 2004
Tanoshii Youchien May 2004
Uchusen May 2004

June 2004

Kindai Idol June 2004
Love Berry Fashion June 2004
Melon Fashion June 2004
Scola Men's Mag June 2004
Seventeen June 1st 2004
Seventeen June 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei June 2004
Shogakukan Youchien June 2004
Tanoshii Youchien June 2004
Up To Boy June 2004

July 2004

CANDy Fashion July 2004
Love Berry Fashion July 2004
Melon Fashion July 2004
Newtype the Live July 2004
Otomodachi July 2004
Playboy Weekly July 27th 2004
Sabra Men's Mag July 2004
Seventeen July 1st 2004
Seventeen July 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei July 2004
Shogakukan Youchien July 2004
Tanoshii Youchien July 2004
Uchusen July 2004

August 2004

Junie August 2004
Love Berry Fashion August 2004
Melon Fashion August 2004
Seventeen August 1st 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei August 2004
Shogakukan Youchien August 2004
Tanoshii Youchien August 2004

September 2004

CANDy Fashion September 2004
Love Berry Fashion September 2004
Melon Fashion September 2004
Newtype the Live September 2004
Seventeen September 1st 2004
Seventeen September 15th 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei Sept. 2004
Shogakukan Youchien Sept. 2004
Tanoshii Youchien September 2004
Uchusen September 2004

October 2004

Bessatsu PHP October 2004
Love Berry Fashion October 2004
Melon Fashion October 2004
Seventeen October 1st, 2004
Seventeen October 15th, 2004
Shogaku Ichi Nen'sei October 2004
Shogakukan Youchien October 2004
Tanoshii Youchien October 2004
Up To Boy October 2004

November 2004

CANDy Fashion November 2004
Hyper Hobby November 2004
Love Berry Fashion November 2004
Newtype the Live Nov. 2004
Seventeen November 1st 2004
Seventeen November 15th 2004
Shogakukan Youchien Nov. 2004
Uchusen November 2004

December 2004

Love Berry Fashion December 2004
Seventeen December 1st, 2004
Seventeen December 15th, 2004
Tanoshii Youchien December 2004
Up To Boy December 2004

January 2005

CANDy Fashion January 2005
Girl Pop Music January 2005
Hyper Hobby January 2005
Love Berry Fashion January 2005
Newtype the Live January 2005
Seventeen January 5th, 2005
Uchusen January 2005

February 2005

CANDy Fashion February 2005
Love Berry Fashion February 2005
Seventeen February 1st, 2005
Seventeen February 15th, 2005
Weekly TV Fan February 26th, 2005

March 2005

CANDy Fashion March 2005
Girl Pop Music March 2005
Love Berry Fashion March 2005
Newtype the Live March 2005
Seventeen March 1st, 2005
Seventeen March 15th, 2005

April 2005

G-Girl April 2005
Love Berry Fashion April 2005
Men's Nonno April 2005
Seventeen April 1st, 2005
Seventeen April 15th, 2005
Up To Boy April 2005
Young Champion April 2005

May 2005

CANDy Fashion May 2005
Girl Pop Music May 2005
Seventeen May 15th, 2005

June 2005

Everything Fashion June 2005
Seventeen June 1st, 2005
Seventeen June 15th, 2005

July 2005

CANDy Fashion July 2005
Seventeen July 1st, 2005
Seventeen July 15th, 2005

August 2005

Seventeen August 15th, 2005

September 2005

CANDy Fashion September 2005
Seventeen September 1st, 2005
Seventeen September 15th, 2005

October 2005

Seventeen October 1st, 2005
Seventeen October 15th, 2005

November 2005

CANDy Fashion November 2005
Seventeen November 1st, 2005
Seventeen November 15th, 2005

December 2005

Seventeen December 1st, 2005
Seventeen December 15th, 2005

January 2006

CANDy Fashion January 2006
E-Onna Idol January 2006
Seventeen January 1st 2006

February 2006

Seventeen February 1st 2006
Seventeen February 15th 2006

March 2006

CANDy Fashion March 2006
Seventeen March 1st 2006
Seventeen March 15th 2006
Sabra Men's Mag March 2006

May 2006

Newtype Anime May 2006
Seventeen May 8th 2006

Hyper Visual Magazines

Best Shot Volume 11
Bikei Catalogue Summer 2004
Bomb Annual Costume Play 2002
Bomb Deluxe Fresh Girls 2002
Felissimo Spring Catalog
Hero Vision Spring 2004
Hero Vision Autumn 2004
MeMew Idol Volume 8
MeMew Idol Volume 18

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Sailor Moon is created by Naoko Takeuchi
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Dearest Visitor:

^.^ Hello. Pleasure to meet you. You have just entered perhaps the most popular section of my website. This is the magazine section of my site, in which includes many articles, ads, and periodicals of PGSM published in a variety of magazines. Over the months, I have received many emails from people world wide, telling me that they're glad this section exists because they would've never been able to track the magazine down, where they live. THAT, or they couldn't afford it. It has also come to my attention that the magazine section also worries people, about whether or not its taking money away from the creators of Sailor Moon. SO, I present to you a short lesson in marketing.

In a "educational" video that I watched in my Marketing Class during the senior year of high school, I learned that magazines was a ultimate marketing tool. The sole reasons of a magazine is very much like the internet: It informs, promotes, shares, entertain, markets, and most of all, it tries to sell the reader a "product." In the United States, the typical marketing magazine would be YM, Teen People, Glamour, Animerica, Rolling Stones, etc.. There are hundreds of titles. They're equivalent to titles in Japan like Melon, Seventeen, Fools Mate, Hiho, Animage, etc..

How the "marketing" process work begins with what the magazine has to sell. I'll use the American magazine Rolling Stones for an example. Over the years, the most sold out Rolling Stones magazine would be any issue with Britney Spears on the cover. The magazine pays Britney Spears for an interview, along with a couple of photos. Then, the magazine will contact hundreds of ad companies, informing them that Britney Spears will be in the magazine, therefore will sell a lot. The ad companies will think, "Hey... If so many people are going to pay just to read about Britney, then we should put our ads in the magazine. It means that a lot more people will see the ads!" So the ad companies PAY the magazines to publish an article, an ad, or whatever in the magazine. The goal of this, is to shove as much as what they're selling out to the world. The magazine benefits from this because despite the fact that they had to pay Britney a couple of thousand for an interview, ad companies will pay a LOT more than that sum to get their stuff in the issue. PLUS, when the magazine sells, the magazine company will profit as well. So that is the process. Which is why so many new magazine companies pop up all over the place because its a very profitable business.

It works the same way in Japan as well. The PGSM company will pay to put their articles, toys, ads, or whatever inside magazines. They're trying to expose the show as much as possible to as many people they can. Occassionally, magazines will also pay the PGSM company for an interview or two with the actresses to attract "certain" people to buy the magazines. Then they will run their ads for other shows like Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Cutie Honey, etc..

The magazine company is really a never ending marketing cycle. Its very similar to how the television works as well. They have the Super Bowl event, and commercial companies will pay up to $2.5 million dollars to put in ONE commercial ( Which is why commercials during the Super Bowl are always so amusing ). Its all about promoting and putting the images and message out there as much as possible.

Also, when magazine companies pay Britney Spears for an interview, she gets a FLAT payment. Meaning that it doesn't matter how many magazine sells. She would not get a percentage of every magazine that sold. Its the same with Sailor Moon. The company gets a flat fee for the press release that they'll allow the magazine to do. But no matter how many issue the magazine sells, the Sailor Moon company will not get a percentage of it.

Something I also noticed now, is when I buy DVDs or VHS. Inside the video or disc, it comes with this little card that asks, "Where did you find out about this product?" And then it'll have a couple of choices like TV, bill board, or magazines. If you check "magazines," it'll ask you which magazine did you see it in. The more people who say a particular magazine, the more the company will advertise in that magazine.

Whether or not my magazine section effects the Sailor Moon company, you can decide. =) But please, if you see a magazine you really like, BUY IT. Even if the marketing process isn't effected, you should still look at the moral behind it. I buy the magazines, pull out the articles and put them into a album. This already ensures that I will have a photobook that no one else in the world will have. If you can, buy the magazines and start your own photobook too. It will leave you with a very satisfied feeling knowing you own one. =) Enjoy everyone.

Itsumo no,