We Believe You

"Running through the middle of a storm. I can't dream in this dark night. Don't embrace loneliness with open arms. Thunder, run from here to wherever you are. Then tell you that we believe you. With ten thousand volts we believe you...

Bound tightly within the darkness. I can't stir an inch in this dark night. Don't give up on the light you reached for. We will give you life, natural forces. When you feel the courage rising in the earth, and spilling from the voices of song..."

^.~ Hello. This is my random "stuff" section. I'll be tossing occassional things in here: Live Journal Icons, wallpapers, aim icons, gallery etc. of Three Lights, Pretty Guardian, Sailor Stars, or other stuff. Everything is free for taking for your use. And if you're planning to use them for your website, unless I give you permission to, please credit me. ^____^ I hope you enjoy them.

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This is my mini gallery. XD I'm WAY to lazy to open a website to solely host pictures so I'm just randomly tossing pictures I think are special, or that I like in here. DO NOT DIRECT LINK THESE!!! ;-; Or I'll feel hurt.

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^.^ Hiya. This is my mini gallery for screen shots. Its basically my small library of my favorite episodes. Episode 200 is actually my favorite episode. Therefore, I made it extra detailed. Beware of the 200 or so screen caps loading all at once. =)

Itsumo no,