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..oo**Three Lights
Welcome to, a website dedicated to organizing one of the largest Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon galleries online. You'll find mostly scans, mp3s, and even video clips here. ^_^ We also try our best to bring you the latest info on the PGSM actresses. Please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions, just send a email!
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Sailor Moon is created
by Naoko Takeuchi
LTD., Japan
Kodansha Animation
"Dreaming of You"
lyrics by Selena.
Page created by Lisa.

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..oo**The 411
Dum dum dum dum! Have you ever wondered about the personalities behind ^.^ Wonder no more! Take a stroll behind-the-scenes! We promise we won't bite.... Well, maybe Lisa will... Just feed her and she'll go away.
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..oo**Lisa's Cribs is Lisa's personal site. ^__^ She saw that so many webmistresses have their own personal site, and she didn't! So in jealousy, Lisa made a personal site for herself. YAY! A place for her to be evil. Beware.

Illusions is a little website that was put together for Japanese Sci-fi scan images. There are scans for Cutie Honey, Devil Man, Kamen Rider, Deka Ranger, etc. Its a small cozy site. =)

Full Blossom is a Hana Kimi website that was made on LJ. ^__^ Its relatively new, but Lisa's working hard on it. If you have a LJ and is a Hana Kimi fan, you should add it to your friends' list. is a collection of fanlistings for BoA's songs. Can download music and such too. =) If you're a BoA fan, please come join! ^__^ Support BoA!!

Ogura Yuko is a idol that is rapidly becoming an icon for Japanese pop culture. =) So Lisa opened up a fanlisting, gallery, news, thingymajigy fan site for her. Enjoy!

..oo**The Staff
Lisa a.k.a Chibi
Lisa a.k.a. Chibi
The EVIL Webmistress

Name // Lisa (Hear me rawr!)
Nickname // Chibi a.k.a. Murr Meow
DOB // March 22nd
Occupation // Hair Stylist
Hobbies // Websiting, designing
Choice Pervy Manga // Haou Airen

Lisa is the big cheese on Aside from yelling and scolding at the other staff members all day, she gathers, research, purchase, scans, HTML, design, edits, and decide what goes on updates. She also harasses her mail man everyday for her incoming magazines. ^__^ She gets one package everyday. So much that the local post office knows her by the quote, "Everyday is Christmas for Lisa." She giggles insanely when people think she's a "nice girl." XD She just hasn't found something to yell at you about yet. Lastly, whenever she feels too lazy to update her website, she goes and make a NEW website for some other hobby she has. XD She currently has seven websites. Not counting her LJ and a BoA community she started. EVIL Meow.

Mike a.k.a Robot
Mike a.k.a. Robot
The Shopping Addict

Name // Mike
Nickname // Robot a.k.a. Shopaholic
DOB // October 15th
Occupation // Something with ships.
Hobbies // Shopping, walking dog
Choice Pervy Manga // Love Celeb

Aside from being a ever important researcher, scanner, purchaser and know-it-all, Mike is the resident shopaholic. He sits and watches Yahoo Japan like a hawk, snatching up anything Chisaki-related. And those of you who have a hard time getting a Luna plushie, have Lisa's permission to boot him in the ass. Mike bought up the WHOLE industry of Luna and Artemis. No wonder why we all have such a hard time getting Luna!! Lastly, due to some inconvenience for a famous movie star, Mike now own actor Jet Li's dog. (~_~ I'm being serious... He really DOES own Jet Li's dog...) XD And no, he didn't buy the dog.

Julie a.k.a Burr
Julie a.k.a. Burr
The Porno Manga Provider

Name // Julie
Nickname // Burr a.k.a. Bounce
DOB // May 18th
Occupation // Office work.
Hobbies // Jewelry design, manga.
Choice Pervy M. // Pure Love Strip

Up till the end of 2004, Julie has always been the best walking calculator around. She kept tight tabs on Lisa's spending, so Lisa won't bankrupt herself. And when Lisa doesn't wanna work on HTML stuff, Julie happily bounces in and provides lots and lots and lots of manga porn! Julie is now a scanner for the manga scanlation group, Terrad. I TOLD you she's a porno manga provider! She won't stop till we're all addicted! Lastly, she also feeds Lisa when she's hungry. XD She complains about it ALL the time but ya gotta love Julie... ^______^