Till Tomorrow

"It's morning, just after a rain. The sun sparkles. The rainbow is probably a good omen. Let's get on our bicycles, and rush out of town. Just a little adventure changes the look of the sky.

Before our eyes extends a grassy plain. When we lay down our bicycles and take a deep breath, it is marvelous, isn't it...? The clouds, like airplanes, take me along into the serene blue radiance.

The sound of the Rails has a gentle Rhythm. Just a little adventure... Changes the look of the scenery...."

^.~ Hello. This is my random "stuff" section. I'll be tossing occassional things in here: Live Journal Icons, wallpapers, aim icons, gallery etc. of Three Lights, Pretty Guardian, Sailor Stars, or other stuff. Everything is free for taking for your use. And if you're planning to use them for your website, unless I give you permission to, please credit me. ^____^ I hope you enjoy them.

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This is my mini gallery. XD I'm WAY to lazy to open a website to solely host pictures so I'm just randomly tossing pictures I think are special, or that I like in here. DO NOT DIRECT LINK THESE!!! ;-; Or I'll feel hurt.

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Kodansha TV PGSM Photobook Vol. 1
Kodansha TV PGSM Photobook Vol. 2
Kodansha TV PGSM Photobook Vol. 3
Kodansha TV PGSM Photobook Vol. 4
Kodansha TV PGSM Photobook Vol. 5
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Shogakukan TV PGSM Book Vol. 6
Shogakukan Complete Seal Book
Shogakukan PGSM Himitsu Jiten
Toei Hero Max Photobook Vol. 7
Toei Hero Max Photobook Vol. 8
Toei Hero Max Photobook Vol. 9
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Toei Hero Max Photobook Vol. 11
Toei Hero Max Photobook Vol. 12
Toei Hero-in! 2004 Yearbook
Berry Smile Photobook
Pretty Guardian Visual Book
Ayaka no Natsu Photobook
Ayaka's 2nd Photobook - Nicchoku
Matsushita MOECO's Photobook
Myu - Sawai Miyuu's Photobook
Kiss - Sawai Miyuu's 2nd Photobook
Alisa - Just a Princess Photobook
Kawabe Chieco - "15" Photobook
Playboy Weekly's U-15 Photobook
We Want to Be the Model! - Ayaka

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Playboy Weekly's
U-15 Photobook

Playboy Weekly's U-15

o.O;; Do you have ANY idea, how wrong it sounds for a company called Playboy Weekly to release a photobook called Under 15? ( I'm hearing a bunch of "Oh gawd..." in everyone's heads right now! ) Playboy Weekly is the title of a Japanese men's magazine. It has no relation whatsoever to the Playboy company in the United States. Though this magazine has no nudity, it is known to have racey photo spreads. The company decided to release a limited edition photobook/issue of upcoming idols that were under the age of 15. Sawai Miyuu, who was 14 years old at the time, was featured in here. So was Kawabe Chieko and there was even a profile for Azama Mew. Besides photos, they had interviews with the young idols. The book has really pretty and glossy photos. However, eh... There are some pretty naughty photos of 13 and 14 and 15 year olds in here. Since I'm done scanning this already, I'm going to hide it under my bed somewhere, where no one can find it. ^.^;; U-15 is on sale at Amazon.co.jp.